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Kasam 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

People gather around the unconscious Tannu. Malaika comes out of his car, worried.
UC confirms Rishi if he is fine. Rishi apologizes the board and asks them to continue with the proceedings.
People around accuse Malaika to be a rich and careless towards the poor. Malaika explains crying. People insisted on taking Malaika to police, Malaika suggests they need to take Tannu to hospital before. People discuss that here, no rich would be spared from justice. Malaika wonders what she must do, and goes to make a call.
At home, Manpreet was shocked to hear Malaika feels for Rishi. Manpreet asks Rano to take the call as the phone is ringing, Rano ignores and insists on Manpreet to think about pairing Rishi and Malaika. Manpreet sadly speaks about no girl coming behind him. Rano asks what he thinks


about Malaika and Rishi, Manpreet says it’s a mind blowing couple. Rano was happy that Manpreet likes Malaika, as till today he was also against Rishi’s couple with anyone except Tannu. Manpreet gets serious at once and say even he has accepted Tannu would never return. Rano promises Manpreet to get him hundred video games if this couple is made. They hug each other.
The lady in the temple still prayed for Rishi and Tannu. During the meeting, Rishi notices a member busu in a chat on his phone. UV advices Rishi to buy the company, it’s a successful deal. Rishi denies taking the deal, there was a condition that he would have to keep the staff as well and he isn’t interested in keeping an irresponsible staff. Mr. Rahul was busy with his phone all the time during the meeting. Suddenly he gets Malaika’s call, she was worried and tells Rishi about the accident. Rishi informs UV he must leave for hospital. A lady from NGO suggests Malaika to take this girl home and get her treated by her family doctor, else in hospital it would make up to police report. The lady and other people around inside to go with Malaika to her house, Tannu’s earring was left behind on the road.
The old lady was praying for Rishi and Tannu’s confrontation. Malaika and two others bring the unconscious Tannu home. Malaika takes her towards the guest room. Rano comes out concerned and stops the lady. The lady says Malaika’s car had an accident, other family members also come out. Malaika comes out of the room and assures she is fine. She explains someone had an accident. Raaj scolds her for not taking driver. Rano was concerned and asks if she is hurt. Malaika says that poor girl is injured who had the accident. Bee ji curtly scolds her for bringing her home instead of taking her to doctor. The man from the crown shouts that no one here is contacting the doctor, Raaj calls the doctor but he didn’t pick up. People again get aggressive why they allowed Malaika to drive when she just arrived from America.
Rishi arrives at the told venue looking around for Malaika. Malaika gets Rishi’s call, she informs Rishi she brought the girl home as people there had crowded and deterred to call police. Rishi promises to come home in a while. Malaika was relieved that Rishi heard her point of view. There, Rishi wonders why people didn’t let Malaika take the girl to hospital, as there are a lot of accidents here. He finds Tannu’s earring on the floor, the shopkeeper recognizes it as of the girl who had an accident.
Raaj calls the doctor who promises to come for a while only. Rishi keeps the earring on bonut. He wonders why it feels he has seen these earrings but where?

PRECAP: Malaika gives an interview to reporters telling that her father’s name is Subhash Malhotra. People recognizes Subhash Malhotra as the one who drove over the foot path injuring many people in a drunken state; like father like daughter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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