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Kasam 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Manpreet comes to stage to Rishi, whispering he must get the bride then requests him to stop thinking about Tanuja. He offers him that he can repeat the past if he really loves Tanuja, but at Rishi’s stare he goes upstairs. Rishi thinks that even Manpreet can now see he only thinks about Tanuja, then jerks the thought as he only has Tannu in mind. Manpreet comes to take Malaika whom Rano and Ahana were bringing downstairs. He asks about Tanuja, as Rishi was inquiring. Rano angrily tells Manpreet to let Tanuja be where she is, if Rishi wants to make her jealous she is really happy. It’s better Tanuja isn’t here, her bad eye won’t hurt anyone. Ahana was angry and asks Rano to go downstairs, and leave this talk. Divia also comes to call the bride downstairs, Rano questions Ahana why she is staring


at her like this. Manpreet asks Ahana why she doesn’t hear to Rano, Ahana clarifies she won’t listen anything against Tanuja.
Malaika was stuck in traffic and was frustrated. She tries to break the signal but traffic warden stops her, and asks for license. She offers him bribe that he doesn’t take and tells her to come outside. In the room, Raaj wish Malaika shouldn’t arrive before wedding takes place. He calls Malaika. There, The warden hands her the penalty slip. Malaika receives Raaj’s call and assures to come in 15 minutes, then she broke the signal. Raaj tells her to get relax. Malaika was concerned if wedding’s time was 7 pm. Raaj Mata up nothing takes place in time over here, only preparations are going on right now. Raaj Mata prays Maa Kaal to make Malaika late. Earlier, he was mistaken not to recognize the true love of Rishi and Tannu, but this time he would get true love its place.
Rishi watches the bride coming. He wonders where Manpreet has gone, he sent him to look for Tanuja. There, Rano tells Tanuja that Rishi is impatiently waiting for her. Tanuja wish Malaika come here soon, because she hasn’t been able to take care of anything. Rano tells Malaika to go alone from here and leave her side. Tanuja trembles, then peeks from under the veil at Rishi and slips at the stairs of stage. Rishi was talking to Pandit. Raaj comes between him and Tanuja whose veil had removed, he points at her to cover her face. Rani and others come to help her. Rano at once orders her to stop and takes her to Rishi by herself.
The Pandit asks Rishi to change place with bride, the sit together. Rano asks Rishi to take care of his bride to be. Rano requests the Pandit to tie a knot, she gives Tanuja’s hand into Rishi’s. They get a shock at the touch. Rishi was thoughtful, recalling this shock with Tannu. He wonders if it’s Tanuja. Rano teases if they got a current and blesses them.
In the way, Malaika’s car gets out of order. She tries to stop an auto or taxi but no luck. The old lady of temple holds her hands and looks in shock. Malaika was rude and tries to get away, the lady warns Malaika she wouldn’t get him, he belongs to someone he got his fate. Malaika stops a taxi and hurries in it.
Rano tells Rishi that they are made for each other that is why she came here from far away to his country, to his life and now his heart. She says after these rounds they would belong to each other, and nothing would part them away. Raaj thinks smiling, it’s a mother’s pray and this couple will flourish together. He was thankful this wedding takes place before Malaika arrive and hurries the Pandit. The wedding rituals begin.

PRECAP: Rishi was shocked to see Tanuja under the veil as he tries to put in sindoor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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