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Kasam 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Malaika and Tanuja speak to each other, Malaika was excited. Rishi comes to hold Malaika’s hand, hoping to marry her soon. Malaika says it felt good dancing with him today, Rishi says he also liked it. Manpreet comes to take Rishi along, while some ladies come to meet Malaika. Malaika’s cell phone rings, she hurries outside. Smiley comes across Malaika but Malaika goes out.
Raaj brings a gift for Rishi. He then gives Malaika’s gift to Rishi, Rishi suggests him to give this gift by himself. Raaj looks towards Tanuja who stood upset there. Rano calls her to fill Rishi’s glass and scolds her about not supervising the waiters. Tanuja asks Rishi for the glass, but he only stared at her. Their hands touched each other’s while handing the glass.
Rano was intrigued by Tanuja’s looks towards


Rishi. Rishi calms her down as Tanuja didn’t do anything to be blamed for. He then wonders why he was on Tanuja’s side, he questions why? Raaj comes out to ask Smiley about Malaika, Smiley says she went towards the backdoor. Raaj goes out with a gift for her and was shocked to see Malaika hugging a stranger, then bid him a good bye. She turns to go inside when she confronts Raaj and was shocked. She explains she came to see of Mr. and Mrs. Sinha then goes inside. Raaj wonders why she lied to him.
Bee ji, Divia and Ahana make preparations. Ahana assures she has done all the preparations. Bee ji sends Tanuja to bring napkins from Rishi’s room. Rishi was in his washroom, wondering if he is right. What about his feelings for Tanuja, would they go after marriage and asks Tannu’s help in the matter just like she did earlier. Tanuja comes in the washroom searching napkins, then regret watching him trouser-less. Rishi questions why she enters the washroom without permissions. Tanuja says Bee ji sent her here and spots the napkin. Rishi denies giving her any, but in a quest to take them she slips. Rishi holds her in his arms, Tanuja has a muscle strain and cries in pain. Rishi sits beside her in concern and massages her foot. They share an eye lock. Rishi says its fine now, then asks her to leave.
Malaika comes to Rishi’s room calling him out. Rishi shuts Tanuja’s mouth not to speak a word, else Malaika would think they are having an affair. Malaika gets an idea and selects a T shirt of her choice for Rishi. Tanuja questions what’s going on? Rishi tries to explain but Tanuja was annoyed. Malaika calls Rishi outside. Tanuja suggests him to go outside, Rishi thinks for a while. He instructs her to stay inside while he would walk out. He steps over Tanuja’s feet and she screams. Malaika questions what is Tanuja doing inside? Tanuja replies she is inside, there is no water in her washroom. Malaika asks about Rishi, Tanuja replies he is taking shower. Rishi dances around Tanuja to tell Malaika he is really here. Tanuja finally replies she doesn’t know where Rishi is. Malaika goes downstairs to look for Rishi. Tanuja asks for napkins.
Malaika meets Tanuja in the corridor, Malaika asks about Rishi as Tanuja is there in Rishi’s washroom. Rishi gives the napkins to Tanuja, while Rano comes to call Tanuja. Rishi shuts Tanuja up and replies he is here. He wonders why Tanuja would be in his washroom. Rano says Malaika must be nervous, and warns Rishi to be cautious of Tanuja, she is Bani’s blood after all and would walk her mother and grandmother’s steps. Tanuja gets upset, while Rishi feels for her because of Rano’s accusations. Rano warns Rishi that it’s Tanuja’s face, not Tannu’s. Rishi tells her to go, he would be out soon. Rano leaves. Rishi wipes her tears, and tells her not to worry; she must leave as he also has a respect. Tanuja and Rishi get up at once, and hit heads with each other. They share an eye lock again.

PRECAP: Raaj tells Tanuja he is aware she loves Rishi, and asks her to marry Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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