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Kasam 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi looks towards Tanuja standing on the door. There Rano was announcing about hiring a wedding planner. Bee ji comes to confirm Rishi if he has some problem with the wedding, Rishi says no he hasn’t. He had married her right away. Ahana watches Tanuja crying on the door. In the room, Rishi looked at Tannu’s photo saying no one can interfere between them. He is marrying Malaika, to get Tanuja away. Tanuja comes into his room, he suggest she must have come to congratulate him. Tanuja wanted to ask a few questions. She asks if he felt something when he touched her hand for the first time, Rishi recalls the shock. Tanuja reminds his state when he was taking her to hospital, Rishi says yes he did; she had saved his life and he saved hers.
Malaika comes in the room and hugs Tanuja for her Rishi’s


life, this proposal, wedding and everything is because of Tanuja. She thanks her, and was happy Tanuja got fine really soon. She goes to speak to Rishi about her parent’s consent, they might not be able to attend the wedding, so Tanuja would be her family. She comes to ask Tanuja for her help with preparations, Tanuja looks at Rishi in the mirror and promises to do anything possible for this wedding. Rishi and Tanuja share serious stares with each other.
In the room, Raaj asks Rano if she compelled Rishi to marry Malaika. Rano accepts she did this. Raaj discuss Rishi’s love for Tanuja in his eyes, but Rano interrupts that Rishi would only marry Malaika.
At night, Tanuja was preparing rangoli. Ahana watches this, as Tanuja appreciates Tanuja’s rangoli and asks about fixing it. Rano comes there, cursing Tanuja’s Rangoli as she worked with Smiley’s. She goes to appreciate the one originally made by Tanuja. Divia corrects Rano, then asks Divia about mehndi. She then scolds Tanuja to get Malaika downstairs and stop preparing Rangolis only. She sends Smily to bring her Dada, his friend is here.
Ahana meets Tanuja in the corridor and asks if she is happy with Rishi and Malaika’s wedding. Tanuja replies she is happy as everyone else is, and goes inside. Ahana thinks this is problem with her and Tannu both. Tanuja walks towards Malaika’s room, when she hear Rishi irritated at something. She enters the room, Rishi was suffocating because of tight vest button. She scolds him to stay silent, and helps him with unbuttoning. Rishi was relieved, holding Tanuja’s hand and thanks her. He then withdraws his hand, then questions why only she comes in whenever he is in some trouble. Tanuja regrets, and turns to leave fuming. She slaps the door shut, Rishi felt bad behind. Tanuja speaks to herself why she always enters Rishi’s room. Malaika runs to her and asks about her compliments. Tanuja asks her to go downstairs. Rishi walks downstairs. Bee ji comes to her, and discuss with Rishi Malaika was ready to marry him, if he only got her to get married. They were smiling together when Rishi turns to see Tanuja walking beside Malaika. Ahana notices the stare. Rano goes to take Malaika towards her seat. Rishi looks towards Tanuja, she notices his stare. Malaika calls Rishi’s attention by waving at him. Ahana gets Rishi in the way and asks why he is running away from his own mehndi. Rishi makes up he was thirsty, Ahana stops John for water. Rishi takes her permission to be back in a while.
Malaika gets her henna done, and demands for an R in the design. Tanuja was standing beside. The phone bell rings, Malaika turns around to see the call but her henna is ruined. She then asks Tanuja to attend the call. Tanuja hears the phone but there was no network, Divia suggests to go outside. Rishi turns around when Tanuja arrives, both were about to hit each other. Someone calls Rishi inside, their paths again cross. Rishi holds her to stay where she is, and pass by. Tanuja hears the call, the other person ask how dare she didn’t pick up his call, doesn’t she know… Tanuja replies she isn’t Malaika, the other person cuts the call. Tanuja wonders who he was.

PRECAP: Tanuja and Rishi dance with each other, when someone comes to interrupt their dance.

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