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Kasam 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update


Kasam 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.


Rishi and Malaika hides behind a wall, another couple was hiding where Tanuja arrives and runs behind a wall. The terrorist finally gets the lady in the corner and calls on her to come out, Tanuja watches them being shot with multiple bullets at once. She held her breathes while the terrorist moved towards her. Rishi hurries Malaika into a room, and himself goes to look for what the terrorists are up to. One of the terrorists had brought the hostage crowd back. One of them come to point gun at Rishi’s forehead, and announces they have found him. The terrorist near Tanuja also hurries behind. They take Rishi hostage into the hall, meanwhile Tanuja hurries upstairs. Both gets inside a room. She consoles Malaika and ask about Rishi. Malaika didn’t know about him.

The terrorist get hold of Rishi. Tanuja insists on Malaika to let her go, she doesn’t care for herself but for Rishi’s life. She leaves the room.

The goons beat Rishi, who fights back. Tanuja hurries downstairs and was shocked to see Rishi wrestling and beating them all badly. One of them points a gun at Rishi, and deters to kill him. He asks his companions to call police chief, if they don’t get a bullet proof car in 5 minutes, Rishi would be gone.
The police chief assures media that nothing would happen. His associate says they can’t trust these terrorists, and should attack them.

Bedi family was travelling towards the hotel. Raaj plays the radio news, who say if the police doesn’t get them bullet proof car in five minutes they would kill Rishi with bullets.
In the hall, the terrorist begins the count down as it’s time for Rishi to die. Rishi thinks its time to get close to Tannu. Tanuja finds a nearby knife lying nearby.

Someone comes out to announce they have killed Rishi Singh Bedi. The police plans the attack.
Inside, the terrorist was about to pull the trigger when Tanuja attacks his arm with a knife. The bullet was fired in air, Tanuja fell over Rishi. The terrorists held guns over them, Rishi protective for Tanuja. The police forces entered the hall shooting all around, the terrorists disperse. Rishi finds a girl struggling with her hands tied at the back. He moves from beneath the bullets to help her, one of the terrorists find them flee and was determined not to leave his task undone. Tanuja watches his gun pointed towards Rishi and runs between the bullet and him. Rishi hurries towards her as she breathed heavily. Rishi remember about Tannu, and carries her outside. Malaika watches from upstairs as Rishi carried Tanuja, she wonders what happened to her that Rishi is holding her in his arms. The media was reporting police attack over the terrorists, while Rishi carries Tanuja into his car towards hospital. The Bedi family car arrive later to the venue, the crowd ran outside but Rishi wasn’t there.

In the way, Rishi wakes Tanuja up while driving, and promises to take her to hospital soon. Tanuja finally opens her eyes to weakly look at him. Inside the hotel, Bedi family looks around at the dead bodies. Ahana spots Malaika who come to hug Rano crying. Raaj asks about Rishi, Ahana about Tanuja. Malaika says Rishi has taken Tanuja hospital, she was shot with a bullet. Rano wonders why she let Rishi take Tanuja. Raaj calms Rano down and suggests about taking Malaika home. Ahana turns to leave home, as Rishi must have lost his phone. Rano thinks she can’t let Rishi be with Tanuja.
In the hospital, Rishi calls the doctor as he carries Tanuja inside. The doctor takes her to operation theatre.

PRECAP: Rishi enters the room and angrily asks if she would marry him? She cheerfully replies yes. Rishi says alright.

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