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Kasam 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The terrorist hold the hotel administration hostage along with everyone inside there. Rishi and Tanuja were in the room. A hostage girl tries to contact the police outside, but they shoot her. Rishi hears this bullet sound in the room and looks from the window. Tanuja thinks Malaika must have gone to washroom, Rishi calls her but the phone rings in the room. Tanuja thinks she had given her bag to her. Rishi goes out to get Malaika, Tanuja stops her as he shouldn’t leave her side. Rishi at once ask why so much concern? She holds his arm saying she would come with him. He scolds her to stay here. Tanuja keeps a condition, he won’t put himself on stake and do any stunt to save anyone. Else she would also come out, they would both be in same position at once. Rishi leaves the room. Rishi thinks that Malaika


must be in restroom, and they would surely go towards it. He must get Malaika out. There was a sudden noise as the vase was about to fall. One of them run to check who is there. The terrorists were locking all the windows and doors, to avoid the outsiders plan an attack. The armed terrorist comes towards Rishi but couldn’t find him behind his couch. A phone bell rings, it was police. The chief police request them to leave all the hostage. The terrorist narrates his demands, to get bullet proof van within an hour.
Tanuja peeks through the door. A terrorist was moving towards washroom, she was worried for Malaika. Rishi hides himself from a terrorist, when they watch them bring Malaika to the hall. She had been crying, Rishi regrets. Tanuja wonders what she must do now. They tie her hands behind, separately. Three of them leave for different works, leaving a single one. Rishi finds a way to get everyone freed.
Outside, the reporters and media personnel create panic. Rano calls on Malaika’s number, Tanuja receives the call worried what she must reply. The terrorist passing by hears the ring tone and enters the room. He doesn’t find anyone inside, as Tanuja had hide behind the couch. Rano advices her to stay beside Rishi, he has a death curse with him. He might be in danger. Tanuja hears this all, The terrorist walks towards her couch. Rishi hurries everyone outside, and comes to rescue Malaika when the guard terrorist turns around, he opens fire at them. Tanuja, Rano and the terrorist in room were all shocked. Rishi and Malaika flee from between the bullet shots. The one in the room runs outside, Tanuja looks from the window that the hall was empty. They all headed outside, Tanuja promises Rano on call she won’t let anything happen to Rishi and hurries outside the room. In the corridor, the terrorists discuss that the boy Rishi would spoil their plan, they must find him. Rishi and Malaika come to hide behind a gallery, Tanuja watches him open fire towards them.

PRECAP: Tanuja notices a terrorist pointing gun towards Rishi, she comes to push him aside and herself get shot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode but how manyvbullets tanu has to take

  2. History is truely repeating itself….

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