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Kasam 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja says Rano told her to take this for Rishi and Malaika. Rishi inquires is she crazy, she nods then denies. He asks why she came here. Tanuja replies for him, the case hasn’t closed yet and it might be a problem if they doesn’t find her here. Rishi forbids her makeup, as he is well aware about her intentions. He know about her planning’s, so she must stay away from him. She kneels with the fruit basket to pick the apples up, Rishi touch her hand and get an electric shock. He was shocked and leave, Tanuja was also shocked. Rishi enters the room wondering he felt this when he touched Tannu for the first time, why he got the same feeling again? How can Tanuja be Tannu, and thinks Tannu’s reincarnation can’t be in her enemy’s house? He thinks this is scientific current, so he must stay away


from Tanuja as he face has begun to remind him of Tannu.
Rano comes outside to Ahana who was watering the plants. Rano reminds her of a work, Tanuja. She says that Ahana is going to play an important role in her movie, she sends her to supervise Tanuja in the kitchen; as she would be a bit strict with her. Ahana questions what work she would get from Tanuja, Rano takes Ahana with her. Ahana thinks the food has already been cooked. Rano curtly says she only wants her get disconnected from the family, and asks Tanuja if she is done with cutting onions. Rano says they have to send this food to temple within next 25 minutes. Ahana watches Tanuja cut the onion. Rano returns to the kitchen, Ahana comes to prevent the milk from boiling. Tanuja was frying the onion hurriedly. Rano asks Tanuja to use stone for spices and prevent her to mix any water in it as well. Ahana felt bad about Tanuja and helps her with water as the spices get inside her eyes. She recalls about being concerned for Tannu the same way, Tanuja thanks her but Ahana goes to a corner without replying. She gets her a spice bottle to use. Tanuja says Ahana just remind her of her younger sisters.
Smiley comes to Rano who scolds her about being late. Divia comes in to inform that Tanuja has already cooked food for 25 people. Rano wonders who got that spice bottle from the cabinet. Rano was now determined to make Tanuja carry water in buckets all across the house. Rano then thinks about any way to bring Malaika and Rishi close. Divia suggests her to cook for Rishi, Rano says Malaika doesn’t know how to make tea. Rano then compliments the aroma of Tanuja’s food. Bee ji comes to tell Rano about rat story. Divia gets an idea to send Malaika into the store room, and Rano must sent Rishi into the store room as well; then as soon as Malaika would be afraid of the rat and come close to Rishi. Tanuja comes to inform Rano she has filled water inside the kitchen, Rano sends her to fill the bath tubs now. Ahana feels bad for Tanuja who was tired, she comes to help her. Tanuja was ready to do it herself, Ahana asks if she has eaten more desi ghee than her? Tanuja smiles. Ahana compliments her smile. Tanuja hugs her reminding Ahana of Tannu. She then apologizes Ahana and tells her to go inside. Ahana forbids her fill the water in bathrooms, it’s enough for the use by now and makes up that Rano sent her.
Rano was restlessly waiting for the success of her plan. Divia says she has kept the album over the wardrobe. They were worried what if the rat ruins it. Rano was excited to tell Malaika that the album has Rishi’s childhood photos. She tells Smiley to inform her when Rishi is back home. Malaika comes to complain Rano that Rishi doesn’t even take a coffee break. Divia says Malaika doesn’t even know about Rishi now. Rano makes up a story about Rishi’s childhood, and the album; then provokes Malaika to go look for the album herself. She gets a call, and says alright. Malaika agrees to get the album after getting fresh, Rano says she looks really fresh and must go right away. Malaika was excited to get the album and asks John about the store room.
Rishi returns home and finds Rano smiling at him. Manpreet comes with a call for Rishi.
In the storeroom, Malaika was afraid of the dark and lights the bulb. She now looks around for the album when the bulb begin to flash. Malaika makes herself not to afraid but to look for Rishi’s album. She turns around to see the shadow of rat on wall. Rano was restless that Rishi is continuously busy with the phone. Soon they hear Malaika shout, Rano sends Rishi towards storeroom. Manpreet runs to help Malaika instead but falls himself. Raaj comes to help Manpreet, while Rishi heads towards the store room. In the store room, there was Tanuja instead of Malaika. Rishi assures her that he is here for her, and the rat has gone already. Tanuja hugs Rishi out of fear, the bulb keeps on flashing when both realizes each other’s presence and share an eye lock. Rishi explains that he heard Malaika’s shout and…. Tanuja spots the rat again and hugs him, Rishi looks towards themselves in the mirror and smiles watching Tanuja crying. He got lost in the flashes of past when Tanuja realizes, Rishi covers himself up that he came after Malaika.
Ahana meets Malaika in the corridor, she tells Ahana that there was a rat in the store room and ran from there. She then sent Tanuja into the store room but wonders if there was a rat there or not. Malaika goes to call her papa. Ahana smiles that she doesn’t know about Tanuja, but Tannu was really afraid of rats. She wonders why she is missing Tannu.
In the hall everyone was concerned for Manpreet who wasn’t able to walk. Bee ji comes to advise him eat well, Manpreet heads towards his room with much difficulty. The children make fun of him, Raaj scolds Smiley to mock her father still no one was ready to stop laughing. Raaj finally helps Manpreet. Rano sends Smiley away, as Divia congratulates her for success of their mission.
Rishi asks why Tanuja didn’t run away out of fear of rat. Tanuja says Malaika sent her here for his childhood album when she spot the rat. Rishi opens the album and asks if she saw this album, Tanuja turns around wondering what he must do now, as he opened this to her by himself. He holds her hand to ask for promise not to share it with anyone. Tanuja was moved by his touch.

PRECAP: Malaika takes everyone’s attention to Rishi and Tanuja coming out of store room together. Tanuja speaks to moon why she feels for someone who doesn’t even want to see her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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