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Karwachauth twist: Suraj to break Chakor’s fast in Udaan

Vivaan goes to break Imli’s Karwachauth fast. He forgets all the pains after he was beaten up by the goons. Ranjana keeps fast for Kamal Narayan, and breaks fast seeing his face. Tejaswini cries seeing them. The Karwachauth has many twists. Imli and Vivaan celebrate Karwachauth. Suraj and Chakor see them. Suraj sees Chakor and feels some inclination towards her.


Chakor is thinking of the Karwachauth and misses her life partner. She recalls the moments with Vivaan. Suraj is not in heart. Suraj and Chakor are upset. Chakor did not keep fast for Suraj. Chakor did not have food because of the tensions. Chakor falls weak and Suraj makes her drink water. It’s coincidence that Suraj breaks her fast. During the fight with Bhaiya ji, Suraj and Chakor will gradually fall in love. Keep reading.

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