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Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 29

Episode 29

Something weird was definitely going on here, Abhi told himself as he made his way over to Purab. The cake-cutting ceremony finished a little while ago and then Fuggi went off to meet her old college friends, while he roamed about greeting the other guests.
“Purab, can I ask you something?” Abhi said.
“Sure, what’s up?” he replied.
“Did Fuggi put cake, make-up or anything on my face?” Purab held Abhi’s chin between his thumb and index finger.
He turned his head left…and then right, inspecting it. “No.” Purab replied. “Why do you ask?”
“Because people are looking differently at me.” Abhi said.
“In what way?” Purab wanted to know. “Well, one guy bit his lip and winked at me.” Abhi told him.
“Are you sure it was at you?” Purab enquired.
“Yeah. I looked around to be sure, but there was no one standing behind me.” Abhi explained. Purab laughed. “So who was it?”
“I don’t know” Abhi replied. “I think he came with Dadi’s cousins.”
“Huh” Purab said. “Maybe he likes you.”
“Very funny” Abhi replied dryly. “…but that’s only part of it.”
“Something else happened?” Purab asked.
“Yeah… a girl looked at me from head-to-toe and said, ‘What a shame’. And then another one asked if I wouldn’t mind including girls too.” “Why would she say something like that?” Purab questioned Abhi.
“I don’t know. Did I tell you that three people kissed me on my cheek? All guys…” “What? Why?” Purab asked.
“I don’t know. When Sunil did it, I didn’t think it was weird because he’s always doing crazy things like that. Then Akash did the same thing. I still didn’t catch on because he’s just as goofy. But after Neel, I got a little suspicious.” “Neel? Neel Thakur?”
“Yeah, and I don’t know how many more will come after him. I know I am a cute and handsome guy, but all these dudes kissing me is really weird.” “Today must be your lucky day.” Purab teased.
“Not funny, Purab. I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone. Or is it me?” he asked, spinning around. “There’s nothing w–” Purab started to say and then stopped at once. As he spun around, Purab saw the reason for Abhi’s dilemma.
On his back was a sign that read: “Can I get a kiss? Sorry ladies…guys only.”
I’m sure this is Pragya Di’s work, he thought and smiled slightly.
“What is it?” Abhi asked, looking at Purab.
“Ummm…” Purab hesitated. Should I tell him?
Na…after all the mischief Abhi has done, he should suffer a little more.
“Nothing” Purab said. “There’s nothing wrong with you. Maybe they’re just really happy you’ve gotten married, and it’s their way of congratulating you.”
“Well, they could have told me instead of kissing me.” Abhi said grimly.
That still didn’t explain the ‘lip biter’ and the girls though.
Abhi looked toward the crowd and saw Dadi waving at them to come over. “Purab, Dadi is calling us.” he said. She probably wants us to meet more of her relatives.” “Let’s go.” Purab said and then they went over to Dadi.


Ten minutes later, Pragya was still talking to her old college friends, when Aliya came up to her. “Bhabhi!” She said in a panicked tone. “Bhai is looking for you.” Oh Oh…Run Pragya! she said to herself.
“Excuse me” Pragya said to her friends and went off to hide from Abhi.

Where is that Fuggi? Abhi wondered.
Thanks to Mitali Bhabhi, he now knew why everyone was behaving that way towards him… Fuggi had stuck that awful sign on his back. Even Dadi and Purab knew and didn’t say anything to him.
They both kept looking at him and grinning. Well, atleast it wasn’t a ‘Kick Me’ sign, he thought wryly, ‘cuz then he would have been in a whole lot of trouble.

Where to hide? Pragya wondered.
They had been wandering all over and still couldn’t find a good hiding spot.
Abhi had almost caught her twice.
“Bhabhi, let’s go sit in the audience. He would never think you would be hiding there.” Aliya said. They sat in the first row and Pragya lowered herself on the seat so she wouldn’t be seen.

After searching for a while, Abhi still couldn’t find her.
And then an idea popped into his mind…
He signalled someone to come to him and then gave his instruction…

After the current performance ended, the master of ceremonies came on stage.
“What a performance!” he said. “Ladies and Gentlemen… Now we have a very special surprise in store for you!” Everyone looked at each other, wondering what it could be.
“I have just been informed, by our handsome groom… that his bride, Pragyaji, is a wonderful singer as well, and she would love to perform a number for all the guests here today.”
All, excepting the Mehra family and Purab, cheered. “What?!” Pragya exclaimed, turning to Aliya, who wore a worried expression on her face. How could Abhi do this to me? she wondered.
This was by far the worst prank he could have pulled on her.
The announcer saw her sitting in the front row and gestured at her to come on stage. “Pragyaji, please come on stage…” he said.
“Ladies and Gentlemen” he announced, as she got up from her seat and made her way to the stage. “Mrs. Abhishek Mehra…” Everyone applauded.

“Abhi!” Purab said worriedly. “What did you do?”
“What’s the matter?” he asked. “Fuggi is a good singer.” “You know Di has stage fright! Once she gets up there alone and sees all these people looking at her, she going to panic.” Oh No! Abhi had totally forgotten about that…

When Fuggi was fourteen years old, there was a talent competition at their school.
She had been practicing her dance and was very confident that she would attain first place.
When it was time for her performance and she realised all eyes were staring at her only, she panicked and ran off the stage. He had tried several times to get her to conquer her fear…but to no avail. She still dances…but only for herself.
And as far as he knows, she has done ‘couple dance’ only with him.
He wanted to prank her by sending her up on stage to sing, but he didn’t want her to freak out in front all these people. His family must be so mad at him right now!
How would he get her out of this mess?
Come on Abhi. Think!

Pragya walked slowly up on stage, nervously shaking on the inside. Calm down, Pragya. She lectured herself.
You were just up on stage, remember?
Yeah, but Abhi was with her the last time.
Now she going to be on her own…alone…nobody up here but her.
The last time she was alone on a stage, she panicked and ran away.
Now here she was, back on stage again… The announcer asked about her song preference and she blurted out the first one that came to mind. He then handed her the microphone, gestured her to stand under the spotlight and then he left. She looked across at her audience, and smiled nervously.

The crowd grew silent.
Everyone’s gaze was on her…
The Mehra family held their breath, hoping the worst didn’t happen.
Purab was rooting for her from the side of the stage.
“Come On Di!” he whispered, silently praying that she would be alright.

As the music began, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath…
Come on, Pragya. She said to herself. You can do this…
No I can’t! She panicked, opening her eyes.
Her first thought was to run, but something stopped her.
Abhi was sitting in the first row directly in front of her, motioning for her to stay there and keep her eyes on him only. Pragya nodded at him, her nerves still threatening to take over. She took a deep breath once again, hoping she made it to the end of the song, and then looking straight into his eyes, she began to sing….

“This heart, that I have been given…is only to love you…
These eyes, that I have been given…are only to see you…
Oh my Goodness!
Never did I imagine, that this would be my state in love…
This heart, that I have been given…is only to love you…
These eyes, that I have been given…are only to see you…”

As she sang, everyone was amazed at her beautiful voice.
But Pragya could see none of them, for her eyes were locked only on her husband… who was looking back at her with the same intensity. To her, only Abhi was here and she was singing just for him, pouring out all her feelings and emotions into the song.

“Why do I feel, that even though the mood has changed, my heart is untouched.
What stage of love is this…where I feel no peace even for a moment?
This madness is making me restless…
These heartbeats, that I have been given…are only for loving you…
These eyes, that I have been given…are only to see you… ”

Abhi was lost…in her voice…in her words…in her…
He felt as though the words she sang were only for him…
That those lyrics were a true expression of what she felt and she was trying to communicate those feelings to him…

“The lanes of love, the city of dreams…everywhere I look, I see only you.
I can’t help my feelings…
You are the only I have given my heart and soul to….
It’s tough for me to be without you. These breaths, that I have been given…are only to love you…
These eyes, that I have been given…are only to see you…
Oh my Goodness!
Never did I imagine, that this would be my state in love…”
“This heart, that I have been given…is only to love you… Only to love you…”

As Pragya’s song, “Yeh Dil to Milaa Hai” from ‘Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kahan’ came to an end, the crowd applauded, bringing Abhi and Pragya out of their trance.
Both looked at each other once again and then she watched as he got up and left from there, a thousand emotions racing through him…

Hey guys!

We have come to the end of the “Abhi vs Pragya” track.
Hope you all enjoyed the craziness that they have put each other through…

Thank you:
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Abhigya, Rosy, Kumkum, Aishwarya, Maahi, M.A.D Riyashri, R.A.R., Sandy, Suhani,
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