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Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 27

Episode 27

“Ready?” Abhi asked, snapping out of his trance.
Pragya nodded and turned to face him.
“Are you sure?” he asked, looking carefully at her.
“Yeah, why?” she replied.
“Because you forgot your sindoor and wedding chain.” he stated.
Pragya’s eyes widened.
“I left it in our room. I’ll go get it.” she said and then exited Aliya’s room.
How could she have forgotten them? she wondered.
Probably because she still wasn’t used to the idea that she was now a married woman. Good thing Abhi had noticed them missing.
If Dadi or Dasi had seen her without it, they would have given her a long lecture on the importance of sindoor and mangalsutra for a married woman. She loved them to bits but she didn’t think she could stand to hear their lecture right now. She found both on the bedside table, and grabbed the mangalsutra first. She struggled with the hook and then just as she was about to give up, she felt a pair of hands on hers. “Let me.” he said.
She removed her hands, so he could fasten the chain.
It was like graduation night all over again, Pragya thought, as she felt Abhi’s fingers at the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes, as she felt those damn butterflies once again in her stomach. He fastened the chain and without saying anything, he reached for the sindoor box.
Pragya opened her mouth to say that she would do it, but Abhi opened the little box and applied it himself. “There” he whispered, “Perfect”
“What?” Pragya asked.
“Nothing” he replied.
“Let’s go.” he said, extending his hand to her.
Pragya looked at it.
“We’re a happily married couple, remember?” he said.
She rolled her eyes at him.
She was still a little mad at him for last night… and this morning.
Pragya turned away from him and headed towards the door, but Abhi caught her hand, surprising her, and then he linked their arms together. “Let’s go. Everyone must be waiting…” he said and pulled her with him out of their room.


As they stood at the top of the staircase arm in arm, they heard Purab’s voice announcing their arrival. “Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome the bride and groom, Mr. & Mrs. Abhishek Mehra!” All applauded for the beautiful couple.
As they reached down the stairs, they were greeted by members of their family and friends.
Then Dadi took Pragya to meet one of her cousins, whom she hadn’t seen in ages, while Abhi mingled with some of his business associates. After meeting Dadi’s cousin, Pragya was headed towards Mitali Bhabhi, when she heard a loud voice behind her. “PRAGYA DI!!!” the voice shouted.
Oh my goodness! Pragya thought.
She would recognize that voice anywhere.
Who invited her? she wondered.
Then she remembered Dadi must have invited the entire teaching staff at her college. She was a sweet girl, but she tended to be a little too annoying at times. But not wanting to be rude, Pragya turned to face her.
The chubby girl rushed up to her and hugged her tightly.
Pragya gasped for air.
Finally she was released from her “death-grip” and managed to pull enough air into her lungs to say,”Hi, Veena. How are you?” “I AM FINE, PRAGYA DI. HOW ARE YOU?” she asked.
But she didn’t wait for Pragya’s reply, but continued yapping in that loud tone.
Pragya had tried to intervene, but the girl just kept on talking!
She wanted to get away from this one-sided conversation so badly.
Somebody help!
Pragya just stood there nodding, while she chattered continuously.
Blah blah blah blah…. was all Pragya heard.
My goodness! Doesn’t she ever stop for air?
“I AM A HUGEE FAN OF HIS!!!” Veena said.
A huge fan of who? Pragya wondered, as she finally turned her mind back to the conversation. Oh! Pragya thought. She must be speaking about Abhi.
Then Pragya got an evil idea in her mind.
She would call Abhi to meet Veena…and then make her escape. “Would you like to meet him, Veena?” Pragya asked over her non-stop chatter. “REALLY? OMG! I WOULD LOVE THAT!” she gushed.
Pragya scanned her surroundings, then her eyes spotted him.
She waved her hand in his direction, hoping he would see her.

Abhi noticed something out of the corner of his eye and he immediately looked up.
He saw Fuggi waving and signalling him to come over.
He excused himself from his current company and headed over to her.
“Abhi!” she said happily.
A little too happily if you asked me, he thought.
He came to stand at Pragya’s right side, putting his hand around her waist.
“Hi darling.” he said. “Missed me?”
“OMG! ABHI THE ROCKSTAR!” The girl in front of him shouted.
Oh my goodness, Abhi thought. I’ve gone deaf!
He was accustomed to thousands of screaming fans at his concerts or on the streets, sometimes outside his home, but this was only one girl… He looked down at Fuggi and saw her trying to contain her laughter. “Abhi, this is Veena. She’s an assistant teacher at my school…and a huge fan of yours. Veena…your Rockstar, Mr. Abhishek Mehra.” “Pleased to meet you.” Abhi said, extending his right hand toward Veena.
Veena accepted his hand and said, “OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I AM ACTUALLY SHAKING ABHI THE ROCKSTAR’S HAND! EEEEKKK!!!” she screeched. Did she have to be so loud? Abhi wondered. People were already looking their way…
“I HAVE WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR SOOO LONG. THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE.” she said and continued shaking his hand. Was she ever going to let go of his hand?
And then the girl…what did Fuggi say her name was again….Veera? Vita? Visa?
No… none of those sounded familiar.
Abhi, I think that’s the one, he said to himself.
Veena seemed to realise that she still held onto his hand and immediately let go of it. “SORRY!” she said. “I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE I WAS STILL HOLDING ON TO YOUR HAND!” and then she gave a really annoying laugh. “It’s ok” Abhi said, her screeching laugh drilling his brain.
Now’s my time to escape, Pragya thought.
“Oh, I think I hear Dadi calling me.” Pragya said quickly.
She tried to leave, but Abhi pulled her back by her waist and held her more closely.
“I didn’t hear anything, sweetheart. You must be mistaken.” he said.
If Fuggi thought she could run away and leave him with this loudspeaker, she was sadly mistaken. The girl was still laughing at God-knows-what and he was getting a terrible headache from listening to her. “Bhabhi!” Aliya called. “Can I borrow you for a minute?”
“Sure Alu!” Pragya replied.
Before Abhi could say or do anything, Pragya left his hold and rushed towards Aliya.
“You two have fun!” Pragya said, leaving Abhi alone with Veena. Abhi turned his attention back to Veena, who was still talking. “DO YOU KNOW I HAVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR ALBUMS I LISTEN TO YOUR SONGS EVERY DAY!” “That’s nice” Abhi mumbled, furious with Fuggi for sticking him with this girl.
I’m not gonna spare you, Fuggi, he thought as Veena continued to chatter…

“Thank you so much, Alu for saving me!” Pragya said, when they left Abhi’s side.
“No problem, Bhabhi. I saw the expression on your face while you were talking to her and realised you were looking for a way out.” Aliya explained. “Should we rescue, Bhai?” Pragya thought about it and then said, ” Na, he can handle it!”
“Ok.” she replied, both taking one last glance at him, before moving away.

“Finally! I’ve escaped!” Abhi said, breathing a sigh of relief.
For a minute there, he thought he’s be stuck listening to her for the rest of the night.
Thank God Purab came along! Now he was stuck with her.
Now to deal with that Fuggi….and her sidekick Aliya.

Robin walked up to Pragya and Aliya, who had just finished chatting with some of the guests. “Ma’am…cold drink!” he said.
“Thank you so much, Robin!” they said as he handed each of them a glass of Pepsi soft drink and then went on his way. Both girls were really parched and they took big sips.
Nearing the end of her drink, Pragya noticed something stuck to the bottom of her glass…
What the hell is that? she wondered.
It’s looks alot like…
“Ewww…there’s poop stuck to the bottom of my glass!” Aliya exclaimed in disgust.
“What’s the matter, girls?” Purab asked, looking at them.
They looked as though they were about to throw up.
Pragya showed him the glass. “Look!” she said.
Purab looked at it and laughed.
“That’s raisins.” he said.
“Raisins?” they asked.
“Yeah, Abhi used that prank on me and Akash once.”
“Abhi!” Pragya said. “I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.” she said and turned to go.
“Wait Di!” Purab said. “I also want to pay him back for sticking me with that chatterbox.”
“How did you manage to escape from her?” Aliya asked.
“I left Akash with her.” he said.
“Purab!” Someone called from behind them.
Oh No! Purab thought. Akash!
“Where did you leave me, man?” Akash asked. “That girl tried to talk my ear off!” “What did you do with her?” Purab wanted to know.
“I left her with Mitali Bhabhi and ran from there. I have to say, I think she has probably met her match. Nobody talks more than Mitali Bhabhi.” he said. “True.” they all agreed.
Akash then left them to attend to a guest, while the rest of them plotted their next move.

“Why are you all gathered here?” Abhi asked, coming up behind them.
They all jumped at the sound of his voice.
“No reason” they mumbled and went their separate ways. Abhi held Pragya’s hand, stopping her.
“How did you like my surprise?” he asked.
“You are really dirty, you know that?” she said.
“No, I’m not” he replied childishly. “I just took a shower.”
“Very funny.” she said.”You and your stupid pranks!”
“You started it first!” he said. “You left me with that yapping machine!”
“No, you started this whole thing with your stupid shower prank!”
“I d–…” Abhi started to say, but was interrupted by the Master Of Ceremonies on stage. “Ladies and gentlemen…” he said. “After looking at all those those wonderful performances, we now come to a very special part of our celebration. It’s time for our newlyweds to have their first dance as husband and wife. Mrs and Mrs. Abhishek Mehra…” “Let’s go, darling.” Abhi said and extended his arm to her once again.”They’re waiting for us…” Pragya looked angrily at him, but as she didn’t want to make a scene here, she put her hand in his…

Precap: Abhi & Pragya’s dance…

Hey guys!
I know I’m really late…again.(I’m going to get scolded so badly in the comments lol)
So sorry to keep you all waiting. Next epi will not take so long…
Instead of two short episodes, I decided to turn it into one long epi…hope you all enjoyed it.
Sorry for any mistakes…wrote it in a rush!

Varsha, Aishwarya, Vishu, Rithu, Nirmal, Priyanka, Di, Madhu, Sheerapthinisd,
Sugan, Asmithaa, Haritha, Monesha(hope you are better now), Saranya,
M.A.D Riyashri, Kumkum, Yogi, Mukund, Abhigya, Maha & Suhani.
Thank you all so much for being my inspiration!

To my Silent Readers:
I don’t know exactly who’s reading this story, but you guys can say ‘Hi” once in a while so I know you’re there ?
…and thank you for reading this ff.

So guys, let me know what you think…

Happy Navraatri!

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