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Kalash 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shweta and Manju dances around and says that they are happy, Shweta says lets have drink, she says no, we cant spit truth if we get drunk, Nivi can ask anything, Shweta says its just mocktail, today’s day is special, lets have it, Manju drinks it and says its so good, why didnt you make me drink earlier? Shweta says its rich people’s drink thats why we are drinking today. Manju says i was tired to buttering Nivi, that girl doesnt have a penny, this house is of Ambika too, Shweta says nobody will order us around, we will live lavishly, Manju says we have got big lottery, Shweta says no one knows that we made Ambika and Nivi faint and swapped brides. Manju sees silhouette behind curtain, she tells this to Shweta. She opens door and finds Gurvindar behing curtain, they are stunned.


Janki says to Devika that finally you got married to Ravi, Devika says i was waiting for this day, i wont spare anyone now. Janki says daughter’s pain is known to mother, i unknowingly asked you stay away from Ravi, seeing you happy today makes me happy, if your happiness lies in living with Ravi then i dont have any issue, i just want you to be happy. Devika says i can never of Ravi, i have showed him today, Janki says Nivi is broken. Manju and Shweta are on your side, now you should focus on Ravi, give him such punishment that he will remember forever, he is root of all your pain.

Shweta says you? Gurvindar says i listened everything, i never thought you both could stoop so low, i will tell everything to Nivi, you both snatched groom from a bride, this is sin, i wont be part of this, first you killed Manju to get Nivi as she was rich and when you couldnt get enough so you trapped Ambika? i thought after Devika, you will change but you are so greedy that you are drowning down only, i will tell truth to everyone, Manju says go and tell but you will be responsible of Monty’s ill fate then, i cant believe you want to destroy his life, i didnt do all this for me alone, i didnt want wealth for me alone, i have done this for my Vikas, Monty, Shweta and Ravi, cant you see Nivi has nothing, she doesnt have any business, she will go back to London and we will be on roads, i am doing all this for my kids, i thought if Ravi gets married to Ambika then my kids will be able to settle down with her help, Monty has so many big dreams, you want him to roam jobless? Nivi helped us because she wanted Ravi but now she will abandon us, now you think what you want to do. Gurvindar thinks, Manju smirks at Shweta.
Nivi thinks that who could have made me and Ambika unconscious and swapped us in mandap? who could do it? She recalls how Manju gave her coffee to drink then she fainted. She thinks maybe Ambika did all that, when i fainted, only she and I were in room, but how did she do it? how did she make me faint? she was not fully conscious too then how?

Ravi is in his room and says what is happening? what to think, what way to choose? i dont understand anything. He thinks and looks at himself in mirror, he recalls his moments with Ambika, he says maybe this is what i wanted, i wanted Ambika to come in my life, she has come and i am happy, i am feeling happy, her fragrance, her touch, her essence, everything makes me believe that she is Devika then why she is pretending to be Ambika? and biggest truth is that she has married me, she is in my life, she will live with me under one roof, i will get many chances to go close to her, to see why she is hiding her identity, i wanted Devika and my relation to be forever, the relation which has been created today infront of pious fire, i will fulfill it.

Saket is in his room and tensed, he recalls Ambika and Ravi’s wedding and how Rekha supported it. He says Rekha always become hurdle in my way, she has destroyed my life, i wont spare her this time, i am coming, he drinks wine and breaks glass, he leaves.

Scene 2
Pallavi says to Rekha that you should sleep. Rekha says when all are family members coming back from village? Pallavi says they are coming day after tomorrow, i am here to give you company, Rekha says okay, Pallavi asks her to go to sleep, she will switch off lights of lounge, Rekha goes to bedroom. Pallavi listens someone knocking on door, she says who can it be at this time? she sees mandir diya blowwing off but ignores it, she opens door, Saket comes inside, he is drunk and shouts to call her mother. Rekha comes there and says how dare you come here at this time? get out, Saket says i wont, Rekha tries to push him away but Saket slaps her, Pallavi tries to stop him,

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