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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 7

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The sun rises and birds chirp.

The Kapoor Mansion.

Devyani (calls out as she searches): Mihika!

Rahil’s on his phone, slouching on the sofa.

Devyani: Rahil, my son, did you see Mihika anywhere? I’ve been to her room but she’s not there.

Rahil: I don’t know, Tai G.

Devyani (worries and thinks): Where could she have gone?

Their driver enters the house. Devyani sees him.

Driver: Yes, Ma’am, did you call me?

Devyani (nods): Did you see Mihika anywhere?

Driver: Miss Kapoor left quite early in the morning. I told her I’ll drop her off but she refused. I also asked her where she was going but she didn’t tell me.

Devyani (worries): Acha. You can go.

Devyani looks nervous, upset, and apprehensive.


Abhishek’s House.

The door bell rings many times.

Annoyed, Gayatri opens the door but is surprised to see a frantic Mihika there, a sports bag in her hand.

Mihika (breathes heavily): Aunty, where’s Abhishek?

Gayatri (confused): Ander, kyun?

Mihika sighs and comes inside. Gayatri closes the door behind her.


Abhishek (on his phone): Haan, Khushi, we miss you a lot. How’s Arnav treating you?

Khushi (giggles): Great, Bhai. I’m so happy here! These people are my own – I never once feel like a stranger in this house. They all make sure of that. They treat me and Payal Di more like their daughters than their daughter-in-laws. Really, Bhai, I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am.

Abhishek (smiles): I’m happy to hear that. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to settle down in a nice family.

Khushi: And, of course, your wish has come true, all thanks to my pyaari bhabhi.

Abhishek’s smile disappears. He clutches the phone tightly.

Arnav: Khushi, have you seen my shoes anywhere?

Khushi (switches off the stove): Give me a minute, Arnav G. Acha, Bhai, I’ll talk to you later.

Abhishek (nods): Bye.

Abhishek hangs up and takes a deep breath. Just then, his door opens and in walks Mihika, followed by Gayatri.

Abhishek (confused): Mihika? Are you okay?

Abhishek notices the bag in her hand.

Abhishek: This . . . bag? Why do you have it with you?

Mihika (grabs his sleeve and gives it a jerk): Let’s run away from here and get married, Abhi, otherwise Dad will never allow us to be together.

Abhishek (in disbelief): What? Are you mad? Mihika, why’s that your solution to every problem? Running away doesn’t and can never solve problems. It only increases them.

Mihika (frustrated): Right here, at this point in time, I don’t care. Dad’s sending me abroad and, as far as I know him, he’ll never let me come back here. I don’t want go lose you, Abhi. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I–I can’t let you go.

Abhishek (grows angry): Enough, Mihika! Don’t be so childish. That’ll never work out.

Mihika: We can at least try.

Abhishek: Don’t be stupid. Kabhi toh life ko seriously liya karo.

Mihika: Do you think I’m having fun saying that to you? Do you think I like to joke about this issue?

He turns away and sighs.

Mihika: Okay, fine. Do you have a better idea? What do you propose we do now?

Abhishek (closes his eyes briefly): You need to forget about me, forget you ever met me, spent time with me, or even loved me.

Mihika (shocked and angry): Are you crazy, Abhishek? What’s wrong with you? Why’re you so hell bent on making this situation even more complicated than it already is?

Abhishek (tears in his eyes but refuses to show them): I’m making it as simple as I can for both of us. I–I can’t marry you, Mihika.

Mihika: God! When will I be able to understand you? Why’re you hurting me like this? Why can’t you just . . . support me?

Abhishek stays silent.

Mihika: Abhishek, are you listening to me. I’m talking to you.

He still doesn’t say anything.

Mihika (to Gayatri): Aunty. Aunty, please explain it to him. How can he leave me like that?

Gayatri (concerned): Abhi, answer her.

Abhishek: Ma, please. Please stay out of this. I–I’m trying my best to hold myself together as I’m saying this.

Mihika: Then don’t try to. Just . . . talk it out. We’re supposed to be in this together. Is there a problem? Did something happen? Abhishek, please, can you trust me enough to talk to me? Please don’t take such a big decision on your own.

Abhishek: Mihika, I’m doing this for your own good.

Mihika (angry): Who’re you decide what’s good or bad for me? It’s my life and I have the right to make my decisions and choices, not you, not Dad, or anyone else for that matter.

Abhishek: You’re overreacting. I–

Mihika (shocked): Oh, I’m overreacting?! Well, you know what?

Mihika picks up his pillow and throws it at him.

Mihika (grits her teeth): To hell with you.

Grabbing her bag, she whirls. Gayatri looks at Abhishek worriedly. Mihika remembers their good times together and her anger disappears, replaced by sadness and hurt. As she’s about to step out of his room, she stops.

Mihika (whispers): Abhishek, please stop me while you still can, because the moment I’m out of this room, you’ll have lost me forever. I’ll never come back.

Abhishek closes his eyes as his tears escape, and clenches his fists, gulping loudly.

Gayatri (shakes her son frantically): Abhi, you can’t let her go. Abhi, quit being a stubborn idiot and stop her. Abhi, Abhi, are you listening?

Mihika (smiles sadly as her own tears slip out): It’s okay, Aunty. I got my answer.


Akhiyan Karke Pyaar plays.

Mihika steps out of his room, crying. Abhishek’s upset. Gayatri scolds him and looks worried.

Mihika walks beside a busy road, lost in her thoughts.

Abhishek wipes his tears and gets into his jeep, surprised to see Mihika sitting beside him, smiling at him. He grips the steering tightly and pulls out of the driveway. Mihika’s not beside him anymore.

Mihika’s crying. Abhishek wipes her tears, shaking her head as he smiles cutely. She’s confused. He gestures her to close her eyes and she does. Mihika feels a kiss on her cheek and gasps. Once she opens her teary eyes again, she’s shocked to discover Abhishek’s not with her. Hugging herself, she stifles her sobs.

Upon reaching her house, she lifelessly walks into the main hall. Her bag slips out of her hand as she blankly stares at the floor. Devyani runs up to her.

Music fades.

Devyani (shakes her): Mihika, where have you been?

Mihika doesn’t reply.

Devyani (worries): Mihika.

Mihika slowly looks at her mother.

Mihika (whispers as she smiles sadly): You’ve won. You’ve all won. You got what you had wished for.

Music plays again.

Mihika pushes away Devyani’s hand and begins to climb up the stairs, to her room. Her entire family’s worried, even Govind.

Mihika sits on her bed and cries.

Abhishek occupies his mind by trying to solve old cases and taking on new ones. He catches criminals and takes them to court.

Mihika’s at the dinner table, not eating properly.

Abhishek yawns as he rubs his eyes. He fills out paperwork at two in the morning at the police station. There are tea cups littered on his desk.

Govind brings plane tickets for her and she silently takes them. While packing her bags, she stumbles across a picture of Abhishek and her at Arnav and Khushi’s wedding, and looks away. Though she’s hurt by his words, she puts it in her luggage.

Mihika joins her father’s office and becomes busy with meetings, conferences, and presentations. She’s applauded for her dedication and committment as she secures another deal.

Govind holds a party at their mansion. Mihika engages in conversations with everyone, even though she’s unhappy. She gulps drinks after drinks to hide her pain while still trying to remain professional.

Abhishek’s at his study table but is unable to concentrate. His gaze falls on Mihika’s picture on his desk and he picks it up, lovingly tracing it as he smiles.

Mihika’s sitting on her window sill as she looks at the moon.

Abhishek’s in a meeting with few of other officers. The peon knocks on the door and tells him of the call. Excusing himself, Abhishek picks up his phone.

Music fades.

Abhishek: Hello?

Raman: Abhishek! Yaar, shukar hai tune finally phone utha liya.

Abhishek (chuckles): Sorry, I was in a meeting. Did you have anything important to say?

Raman (grins): Yes! I’m a father now, Abhishek. I had a son early this morning.

Abhishek: Congrats, mere dost. How’s Ishita G feeling now?

Raman: Much better.

Abhishek: And, there weren’t any problems with the delivery, right?

Raman: Not at all. Ishita and my baby are absolutely fine and healthy. You should come visit us soon, and bring Mihika along with you.

Abhishek’s smile disappears.

Abhishek (softly): I should.

Music begins.

Abhishek remembers their last conversation, and then continues to talk to Raman.

Mihika stares at reflection in the mirror as if she can’t recognise herself. She’s all decked up. Devyani comes and tells her it’s time. Mihika descends the stairs, her eyes lowered. She sits on a sofa, opposite a man and his family. Their families are immersed in their conversations. The man, Mihir, and her are given the opportunity to talk alone. Though she’s not interested, she answers him politely.

Abhishek lies on his bed, deep in thoughts.


Abhishek angrily leaves the Kapoor Mansion and a lady catches up to him.

Music fades.

Devyani: I beg you, Abhishek, stay away from Mihika. My family’s breaking apart because of your relationship. Pehle toh phir Govind G and Mihika aamne saamne aa kar chup rehte thay ya ek dusre ko ignore kar deyte thay. Nowadays, both father and daughter think of each other as their enemies. They have lost it. On top of that, I’m shocked about Mihika’s behaviour towards DJ. They had disagreements before, but they were solved without any rude remarks. His health is also a concern. If Mihika continues to act the way she is, I’m afraid . . . it’ll affect him badly.

Devyani runs a hand over his head.

Devyani: My blessings are with you, son. I know you love her, I understand, but yeh pyaar uss par bohat bhari par raha hai. It’s costing her more than she realises, and I don’t want her to regret it later on in life. It’ll be too late by then. Consider it a mother’s plea, and stay as far away from her as you can.

Flashback ends.

Music restarts.

Abhishek closes his tear-filled eyes, causing his tears to drop.

Mihika stares absentmindedly at her T.V., flicking through the channels, not really watching them. Devyani sits beside her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Mihika bursts out crying and hugs her tightly, sobbing. Devyani feels guilty, her own tears escaping.

Khushi excitedly comes home and greets Abhishek and Gayatri. She finds out about what he’s done and comforts him, understanding he must have a reason to take such a step.

It rains heavily. Mihika walks out in the courtyard, enjoying it. On the other side, Abhishek also does the same. They both imagine themselves being with each other, dancing, having tea and pakoras.

The screen splits, showing the two heartbroken lovers.

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