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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 5

In the Police Station.

Mihika glares at the police officer, named Jaidev, as he puts down the phone.

Jaidev (chuckles): Your mother will be here shortly. Until then, unfortunately, you’ll have to rest in the cell.

Mihika: Teri toh mein–

Jaidev: Uh-uh, careful, Miss Kapoor, or I’ll have to put another charge for using abusive language against an officer.

Mihika struggles against the handcuff and hisses as it pricks her skin. Her mind reels back to the past, when Abhishek had handcuffed her. Mihika snaps out of it as Jaidev addresses the lady officer beside her, who’d held Mihika tightly in place.

Jaidev: Rupali, take her to the cells.

As they head towards her cell, Abhishek comes inside. He stops in front of Mihika and Rupali in surprise. Mihika looks away, annoyed at him.

Every officer in the station stands in respect.

Abhishek (takes off his cap and is curious): Jai, why’s she here?

Jaidev: Sir, she drove recklessly and, upon given a speeding ticket, refused to accept it. Then she punched the traffic warden.

Mihika: He tried to grab me.

Jaidev (frustrated): You were trying to run away.

Mihika (rolls eyes): I opened the car door to get my phone, not to run away.

Jaidev: That excuse won’t work on us.

Mihika: You–

Savita (another police officer comes up to them): Sir, there isn’t a space for her on the ladies side.

Jaidev looks at Abhishek, who stays quiet for a while.

Abhishek (looks at Mihika): Put her in the cell opposite my desk.

Mihika looks at him.

Rupali: Yes, Sir.

Rupali pulls Mihika towards the appointed cell, and unlocks the door and then her handcuff.

Mihika (puts her hand up as Rupali attempts to push her inside): Don’t touch me. I can go in myself.

Mihika enters the cell and jumps as it’s slammed shut and locked. Looking away, she crosses her arms.

The officers return to their work and Abhishek walks nearer to her cell.

Abhishek (gently scolds): Mihika, yeh kya bachpana hai?

Mihika (annoyed): Abhishek, I’m seriously not in the mood to talk. Leave me alone before I say something that’ll put another charge on me.

Abhishek sighs and goes to his desk, placing his cap and stick on it. He sits down and soon proceeds with paperwork.

Time passes. Abhishek glances at her every now and then. She’s sitting now, facing Abhishek, frustration apparent on her face.

Mihika (frowns as she holds her stomach and thinks): Oh, God, I’m starving. Mom, jaldi karke bail papers lay aao. I don’t know how long I can survive in this stupid place.

Abhishek chuckles and shakes his head in amusement. He calls over his peon and instructs him.

A while later, the peon enters the cell, a tray with tea and biscuits in his hands. Mihika’s face lights up.

Mihika: Thanks, Bhai. Kahan ki chai hai?

Peon: There’s a tea stall just outside the station. It’s from there.

Mihika (excited): Really? Mujhe na bahar ka kahana bohat acha lagta hai. Give me it.

The peon places the tray on the floor and Mihika sits behind it, cross-legged. Mihika dips the biscuit in the tea and bites on it, a smile on her face.

As the peon begins to leave, Abhishek gestures him over. He stops midway and walks towards him.

Abhishek: Did you do as I told you to?

He glanced cautiously at Mihika, who was too busy eating to notice him.

Peon: Yes, Sir. She didn’t suspect a thing.

Abhishek: Good, you can go.

Abhishek continues his paperwork but, curious as he was, the peon remains where he is.

Peon: If you don’t mind me asking, Sir, why did you not let me tell her you sent her the breakfast?

Abhishek (smiles as he plays with the pen): I know her well. If she had known I sent it, she wouldn’t have eaten it, and I can’t have that.

Peon (grins and teases): Oh, toh pyaar ka maamla hai?

Abhishek gives him a sharp, pointed look, and his grin disappears.

Peon (serious): Sorry, Sir.

He leaves from there, and a tiny, cute smile dances on Abhishek’s lips.

Abhishek (laughs and thinks): Haan, yaar, pyaar hi hai.

Janam Janam suddenly plays loudly.

Both, Abhishek and Mihika, jump in surprise. They glance at each other.

Abhishek (shouts to no one in particular): What’s the problem?

Ranbir (shouts from the other side of the room): The radio broke, Sir. I’m trying to fix it.

Abhishek: Alright.

Ranbir hits the radio, trying to lower its volume. Abhishek and Mihika are lost in their own world. They remember Abhishek’s confession and all the lovely times they have spent together. They even begin to imagine themselves dancing intimately, as they did on the balcony that night.

The song stops and they both flinch, snapping out of their trances. Mihika blinks and continues to nibble on the biscuit, no longer hungry, and Abhishek coughs, sitting up straight and diverting his focus back to his work.

Jaidev: Here are the bail papers for Miss Kapoor, Sir.

Jaidev puts them on Abhishek’s table. Devyani, DJ, and their lawyer come near Abhishek’s desk.
Devyani glances at Mihika and then Abhishek, growing worried. Abhishek reads the papers and signs them.

Abhishek: Rupali, let her go.

Rupali opens the cell door and Mihika soon comes out. Devyani and DJ rush up to her in concern and ask her if she’s okay. Forcing a smile, she reassures them, stealing a glance at Abhishek, who’s too busy discussing something with Jaidev.

DJ: Let’s go home, Mihika.

Mihika nods, and they start making their way outside.

Abhishek (still looking at the papers): Word of advice, Miss Kapoor.

Mihika turns to look at him. Abhishek puts down the papers and innocently smiles at her.

Abhishek: Next time, please refrain from using your hands to talk to us.

Devyani and DJ look at each other. Jaidev laughs and Mihika rolls her eyes.

Mihika (annoyed): Trouble is, you lot don’t understand in any other way. Good day to you.

Mihika leaves, soon followed by Devyani and DJ. Abhishek stares after her, a wide grin on his face.


Mihika’s in her room, eating popcorn, as she watches Dilwale Dulhaniya Lay Jayenge, one of the classics of her favourite actor. She giggles as Raj irritates Simran. Govind storms in her room. Mihika acknowledges him but ignore him.

Govind: Mihika.

Mihika laughs at Raj’s dialogue, causing her father to snatch the remote out of her hand and turn off the T.V.. He throws the remote on her bed.

Govind (roughly holds up the papers in anger): What’s this?

Mihika: I thought you could read.

Govind: This isn’t a time for jokes! For God’s sake, Mihika, kabhi toh serious huya karo.

Mihika (stands up): Dad, when I’m actually serious, you don’t listen to me. Tell me, what am I supposed to do then?

Govind: I expect you to be serious in a positive way. These are your bail papers. I can’t believe I’m seeing such a day. I’m highly disappointed in you.

Mihika (whispers): When have you ever been proud of me? You’ve always had a complaint against me. No matter what I do, how and why I do it, instead of encouraging me, you always look for a flaw in it.

Govind (turns away): You’re the future of our business. Obviously, I expect you to be the best.

Mihika (chuckles sadly): Is that why you didn’t object my marriage with Arnav? Because that would have took forward our business? If that’s so, then you’re a bigger scroundal than I thought.

Govind (angry): Mihika, behave yourself! I’m not your friend jo tum itni badtameezi sy baat kr rahi ho. I’m your father.

Mihika (shouts): You must give respect in order to earn it. Aap nay aisa kya kaam kar diya jo mein aap sy sahi tareeke sy baat karoon?

Govind: That Abhishek is bad news. He has totally influenced you. I’m sure he’s responsible for this mess. He purposely got you arrested you to defame me for what I said to him.

Mihika: Why are you dragging him into this? This isn’t about him! I’m talking about US, about you picking at my every little mistake.

Govind: Clearly, that IS linked to him. If he hadn’t used you, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Mihika (irritated): Oh, please, don’t be delusional. He didn’t even know his sister loved Arnav.

Govind: It could be an act.

Mihika: Dad, you’ve got to trust people a little more. This isn’t business, it’s life. And in life, not every person is out to get you, or–or use some tactics to throw you off the rail. Abhishek is nowhere close to the person you’re describing. I love him. I trust him, and nothing you’ll say will change that.

Govind (frustrated): Mihika, you–forget it. I’m clearly wasting my breath here. God knows what magic he’s cast upon you. You’ve become his puppet.

Mihika: You can think whatever you like, Dad. It won’t make me respect Abhishek any less.

Govind leaves her room in anger and Mihika stares after him. A tear slips out and she lets out a deep sigh. Picking her remote, she presses a button. The lights go off. Mihika’s startled.


Outside Mihika’s room, Govind sees DJ, who gives him a sharp look.

Govind (in surprise): Bauji, I–

DJ: Come with me.

They reach DJ’s room.

DJ: You shouldn’t have spoken to her like that.

Govind (defensively): Did you not hear the way she spoke to me? How could I have tolerated her attitude?

DJ: Govind, I think she’s right. You’re always after her, criticising her instead of encouraging her. Would it kill you to be a little understanding for once?

Govind: Bauji, I don’t hate her. I mean, she’s my one and only child. I love her, and I’m concerned about her future. That’s why I’m strict with her. Do you think I like shouting at her all the time? If only she listens, she’ll realise I DO care for her.

DJ: Well, if you have to ask me, that’s not the way to show your concern. You need to deal with her with love and care, not anger.

Govind: I can do that if she stops bringing up that Abhishek in every conversation. I’m telling you, Bauji, that man’s no good for her.

DJ (sighs): If she’s insisting, Govind, he’s clearly made an impression on her. You need to trust her choice. Besides, if you ask me, he appears to be a decent man with a supporting family. What more could we ask for?

Govind (annoyed): Bauji, you may not see it, but I know. He’s playing with her emotions.

DJ: Mihika says the truth. You’re obviously too involved in your business mind to notice the good intentions and actions of the other person. I think it’s my fault that I have put all the burden of the business on you at such a young age. Perhaps, because of me, you and Mihika could not bond emotionally and understand each other. Perhaps, it’s my fault I didn’t give you enough time to adjust to being a father. Listen to me, Govind, zidh choro aur at least give Abhishek a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? We’re there for her, aren’t we? Let her make her mistakes and learn from them. It’s no good protecting her the way you are trying to if she doesn’t understand why.

Govind (nods): I guess you’re right. But–but how can I get Mihika to look at the situation from my point of view?

DJ: My son, Mihika can’t understand the feelings of a father unless you’re able to put it across to her in the right way. Your anger might be justified but it’s only building a wall between both of you, not breaking through it. In order for her to understand your perspective, you must undertand and respect hers. In order for her to connect with you and confide in you,  you must tell her your real feelings. You can’t expect her to magically know your concerns. You have to talk to her.

Govind looks deep in thoughts.


The next part will be posted next week. I need to focus on studies for now. I hope you liked it. Please share your thoughts on this part. ?

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