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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 4

Abhishek is sitting on his bed, deep in thoughts. His phone rings. He glances at the screen, and remembering the earlier events, cuts the call. He still looks angry. Gayatri sees him do so.

His phone rings again. He switches off his phone.


Gayatri (sits next to him): It’s Mihika, isn’t it?

Abhishek doesn’t reply.

Gayatri: Forget this anger and make it up to her.

Abhishek: How can I forget? You tell me, is it easy to forget the pain those words have caused you? I can’t believe Mihika’s dad could . . . I respected him as well.

Gayatri: I’ve learned to cope with it. People have said it in the past and they’ll continue to say it in the future. It’s best to not pay any attention to them. And, if you’re mad at Mihika’s dad, why’re you punishing poor Mihika? What did she do?

Abhishek: That’s the thing, Ma. She didn’t do anything. She simply stood there and listened. I admit I told her it was between her dad and I, but she could’ve at least said something in my favour. She claims to love me and, yet, she didn’t stand up to her dad. Ma, if she had remained quiet, does that mean she also believes my love for her isn’t true?

Gayatri (shakes her head): Abhi, you’re thinking wrong. You can never notice, realise, and understand the fight in her heart. Being a woman, I get it. Try to put yourself in her shoes. God forbid, if you suddenly had to choose between me, a woman who gave birth to you, raised you, made you into a man you are at twenty-eight, and her, a woman you didn’t even know until two months ago, who would you have chosen?

Abhishek gulps.

Gayatri (smiles and runs her hand over his head): Be honest with me and yourself.

Abhishek (looks down and whispers): You.

Gayatri: Even if I said something to offend her because I was thinking in your best interest?

Abhishek nods.

Gayatri (smiles): Exactly. Her father’s only concerned about her. Maybe that’s why, out of his frustration, he said those harsh words. He probably didn’t mean them, my son.

Gayatri runs a hand over his head.

Gayatri: Abhi, always remember one thing. For any kind of relationship to work, you must respect, trust, and understand the other person. Compromises and sacrifices are also vital to maintain any relationship. It doesn’t even matter if love is initially not there. It grows with time and from those values. You get what I mean?

Abhishek sighs and nods.

Gayatri (kisses his forehead): Go to sleep. You must be tired.

Abhishek: Okay.

Gayatri leaves, and Abhishek starts remembering the time spent with Mihika.


The sun rises. Birds chirp.

Kapoor Mansion – Mihika’s Room.

A servant knocks on Mihika’s door. Mihika groans and stirrs, opening her eyes. She still hasn’t changed her outfit from yesterday.

Servant: Ma’am, it’s nearly eight. Breakfast is ready.

Mihika (sits up and yawns): I’ll be there in ten minutes.

The servant leaves. Mihika glances at her phone next to the pillow. She checks her call log and messages.

Mihika (thinks): No miscalls or messages? How stupid of you, Abhishek. You’re blaming me for this mess now?

Frustrated, she throws her phone on the bed and gets up for the day.


Kapoor Mansion – Dining Room. DJ, Govind, Devyani, Kapil, Avantika, and Rahil are at the table.

Devyani (as she serves DJ): Mihika!

Govind: Kitni baar bolao gi? Let her stay hungry. Her tantrums aren’t going to work anymore.

Devyani (worried): But . . . she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning.

Govind: So?

Devyani stays quiet and Govind resumes eating his breakfast. DJ and Devyani share a worried glance. Mihika comes down, and DJ and Devyani look relieved.

DJ (smiles): Good morning, my child. How did you sleep?

Mihika sits down and starts serving herself. DJ looks upset.

Govind (notices this): Mihika, Bauji said something to you.

Mihika (rolls eyes): I know. I heard.

Govind (grows angry): Would it kill you to reply?

Mihika (glares at him): As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, it would.

Govind: How dare you?

Mihika: Dad, tell me one thing. Why do you want to control every single aspect of my life? Why do you want me to think, feel, say, and do things according to what you think is right? Wasn’t yesterday enough for you?

Govind: Mihika, behave yourself.

Mihika pushes her full plate back and stands up.

Mihika: You know what? I’m not hungry.

DJ and Devyani try to stop her but she doesn’t listen.

Govind: This is all because of that Abhishek. He’s a bad influence on her. If she stays here any longer, I don’t know how else he’d instigate her against us.

DJ: What are you planning to do?

Govind (stares at DJ): I’ll have to send her abroad.


Mihika drives her car at a fast speed, remembering how hurt her mother and grandfather must have felt because of her actions; and that, Abhishek had ignored her calls.

Mihika (thinks): How is any of this my fault? Baat itni kaise bigar gai?

Not caring about the speed limit, she steps on the accelator. Minutes later, there’s a police motorcycle behind her. She’s still angry and doesn’t stop. After a long chase, the police officer blocks her car and Mihika is forced to stop.

Mihika (angry as she gets out): Hey, idiot. What’s your problem?

Police Officer: Ma’am, you drove over the speed limit and refused to stop when I indicated you to.

Mihika: Kya kare ga, huh? Do you know who I am?

Police Officer (as he notes something on the paper): Bare ghar ki lagti hain, par rules are rules. Everyone must obey them. You broke the law, you must pay for it.

He gives her a ticket. Mihika rips it.

Mihika (grits her teeth): There you go. Ab bata dekha kay – kya kare ga?


Kapoor Mansion.

Phone rings. Devyani picks it up.

Devyani: Hello?

Man: Is it Mrs. Kapoor?

Devyani: Yes, I’m speaking.

Man: Mrs. Kapoor, your daughter has been arrested.

Devyani (shocked): What? What did she do?

DJ (comes to her): Bahu, kya hua?

Man: You need to come to the police station immediately. I’ll explain the rest later.

He hangs up.

An upset Devyani looks at her worried father-in-law.

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