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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 3

In the car, Mihika is staring out of the window and cries. She remembers the times Abhishek and her spent together and how he must’ve felt betrayed when she left him.

Govind: Devyani, your daughter likes to ruin everything I work hard for. Imagine if I hadn’t seen them together – that would’ve been yet another scandal.


Mihika: Dad, those scandals were fake and you know it. I’m an adult. I should be allowed to choose my life partner, don’t you think?

Govind (scoffs): Like you chose Arnav? What a joke! You’re still a child, Mihika. You don’t know yourself what you want from and in life. Just yesterday you insisted on marrying Arnav only, and today, you think you want that . . . street junk Abhishek. Bauji has really spoiled you.

Mihika (angry): Mind your language, Dad. I can tolerate the nonsense you spew about me but I won’t listen to a word against him.

Govind (scoffs): That man has filled your mind with garbage. I’m pretty sure this isn’t how we raised you.

Mihika (trying to control her anger): He hasn’t done anything of that sort. I love him and he loves me – that’s the fact.

Govind: Mihika, what does he have to keep you happy? He has a government job that barely pay the bills.

Mihika: He may not have the money you do, Dad, but I can say this with a complete and utter belief that he’ll never let me down. He’ll always love me and that’s enough to make me happy.

Govind: Just “love” alone doesn’t put food on the table. Be practical! You know the man for a month or two at most. How can you decide he’s the guy for you? No, I won’t let it happen.

Mihika (sighs): You can’t force me to stay away from him.

Govind: I might have given in when you came back after running away, or even when you decided to let Arnav and Khushi marry each other, but that’s enough! That’s where I draw the line. That man is never, and I mean it, never going to become my son-in-law. Do you get that?

Mihika: No, I don’t. You can’t–

Devyani (interrupts): Enough! Stop it, both of you. You’re arguing like little children.

Avantika: Bhabhi, Jaith G is right. Mihika needs to be controlled – she’s getting out of hand.

Mihika (rolls eyes): Oh, please, Chachi G. Mind your own business and stop trying to influence Mom. This is between us. You need to stay out of it.

Avantika gasps.

Govind (to Devyani): This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Abhishek has–

Mihika (angry): Abhishek hasn’t done anything. Why do you keep on blaming him?

Govind: Abhishek this, Abhishek that, I’m tired of it. You’re not to talk about him–

Kapil: Bhaiyyah, we’re here.

The gates to their mansion open and the car stops in front of the main door. Mihika looks annoyed.


Govind and the rest of the family come inside. DJ’s reading the newspaper but, upon glancing at their gloomy and irritated expressions, he closes it and looks at them, confused.

DJ: Have I missed something? What happened?

Mihika (sniffs): DJ, look at what Dad’s done.

Govind: I haven’t done anything yet. Mihika, don’t try to put me at fault.

DJ (frustrated): I haven’t been to ONE place with you two because of my health, and you started arguing again?

Avantika (rolls eyes): Where’s Rahil?

DJ: Out with friends.

Avantika: Alright. I’m tired, Kapil G. I’ll freshen up.

Kapil (nods): I–I think I should also come.

Kapil and Avantika leave to avoid the daily lecture by DJ about family and unity that always started because of Govind and Mihika.

Govind: Bauji, look at this girl’s audacity. She now wants to marry that no-good ACP. Can you even guess his bank balance?

DJ:  Abhishek?

Mihika: Yes, DJ. You tell me, what’s wrong with it? What’s money got to do with our love?

Govind: He doesn’t love you, Mihika. He used you for your money. Did you not see? Only because of you he could throw a lavish wedding for his sister.

Mihika: I think you’re forgetting something, Dad. He’s promised to return every penny back.

Govind (scoffs): You can’t trust such people and their promises. You seriously think he’d do that? You’re acting like a naive little brat.

DJ: Enough, Govind. That’s not the way to talk to Mihika.

Govind: Bauji, please. Up until today I kept quiet whenever she did wrong, only because you came in between. Please, as a father, let me do today what I deem to be right.

DJ’s conflicted about who to support.

Mihika: DJ, he’s not being fair. He hurt Abhishek and is now slowly killing me with his words. He can’t understand but you can. Please don’t let him make a regretful decision that’ll determine the rest of my life.

Govind: Bauji, I’ve never asked for anything from you until today. Please don’t let me down.

DJ (gulps and looks away): Mihika, you’re never to meet Abhishek again.

Govind breathes a sigh of relief. Mihika gasps, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mihika (disappointed): DJ, you too? I didn’t expect it from you. You’ve given me a bigger pain than Dad. I’ll never forget about it, and I’ll make sure you never do too.

DJ’s hurt.

Mihika runs up to her room and, closing the door, falls on her bed, crying. She remembers the promises they had made. Taking out her phone, she calls Abhishek but he doesn’t pick up the phone. She’s worried.

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