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Kaira love story begins ( Episode 5 )

Hi guyz i am starting a fan fiction  about our beloved couple kaira  i.e. kartik and naira . My friend  @kaira_is_love from instagram has helped me u do like her page to get instant news about kaira 24/7. guyz  do give me  reviews about this episode

So guyz my story has a beginning. According to the back story for my ff tara didnt run off from her wedding n they just postponed the marriage ,naira went for the  same  Years to rishikesh  as in show…current scene is naira has understood tht she had a misunderstanding….n m starting from the point kartik  proposed naira.

(Aftr the long proposal speech by kartik)
Kartik: i really love  u naira!❤

Naira is shocked n looks him with big eyes n runs from there to a church

Naira:(in mind) was my dreams about kartik n this tom n jerry fight between me n him is this a sign i love  him..whom should i ask bhai ,gayu di,tara bhabhi,papa or mumma….no no i cant tell anyone…..In rishikesh they used to say if u feel  its love then u should close ur eyes n let ur heart show u way

Naira closes her eyes n takes a deep breath..
*naira sees all the moments  with kartik n her eyes get all teary*

Naira:oh ganga maiya its true its true for the first tym in my life m in love ….thts y i was so affected by the fact tht kartik was upset  with me n thts y i hesitated  to believe kartik is troubling  papa…(she has big smile on her face)

On the other hand kartik

Kartik: arrey krishna ji did i confess too soon…was she ready ….was this tym correct….only naira can give me the answers to all this n even to my main ques about her loving me or not!!

Naira scene

Naira: this mendhak (frog) became my prince charming n i never realised  this! Oh god wat he must be thinking i just ran here without saying anything!

Naira starts to go but

Naira suddenly stops

Naira:y i am being so cheesy! I should take a little fun out of this situation..i have a nyc idea…lets see wat mendhak does now!🙄

Scene shifts to kartik
Kartik opens his eyes

Kartik: naira …

Naira: wat happened kartik lets  go where r u lost from so long i said sorry we hugged n then u were just lost! R u ok?

Kartik:(in mind) wat it was a dream but this tym i was so sure this was real …no not again i so wanted this to be in real…😣

Naira (in mind) hahaha now u see mendhak…but wait in fun i hope our love confession doesnt get delayed!

Kartik:(in low volume) miss rishikesh ke pyaar mein i have  become a dreamer (being in love with miss rishikesh made me a dreamer )

Naira smiles noticing it…

Kartik gets a little sad n dissapointed

Noticing kartik sad naira feels its enough for one day …


Kartik:yes naira

Naira:woh actually … hmm…tht thing wasnt a dream …i ..i was ..just..umm fooling u

Kartik gets surprised n looks at naira

Kartik:huh …wat ut was true …u were fooling me..umm then wat is ur reply

Naira:wat do u think i would say (in a bit anger)

Kartik: u should say yes only but idk …(noticing  her angry look ) i want to hear it from u

Naira:  so u think i would say yes? Yes? Yes

Kartik: hmm

Naira smiles n says see i told tht three times 😉

Kartik smiles n is surprised

Kartik: wat yes?? R u fooling me again..omg

Naira laughs n says u r really a mendhak ..so much  meaningless  tar tar tar…instead of saying the meanigful things!

Both of there faces glow of happiness n they share a long n tight hug ❤❤

Kaira’s first date
Kaira takes a taxi to  the airport but suddenly they get a phone call n they r shocked!

Guyz  m going to post quite regularly so tht u can enjoy this ff …i really wished something like this happened in real show too…coz kaira together=love n life..plz do comment guyz

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