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Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 7

Hi guys…. How are u all? firstly happy dusshera? Hope u all enjoying a lot.
Previous part link: Part 6

Naira is taken to a place. Its so beautifully decorated with flower same as her dream with white and gold decoration pieces, pics of kaira (their sweet nok-jhok)& flowers.
It an open place with full decoration, people(couples) are around enjoying their day.(their anniversaries or b’days)

Karthik gets naira there.
The scene shows a big tree decorated with hanging lights and lanterns of different colors.
Naira stares at the whole decoration and looks at karthik.
Naira: wow… karthik…(doesn’t find him)

Karthik comes from back of the tree and kneels down (proposing posture) karthik has a ring in his hand.
Karthik: naira I know… u call me mendak and we have a tom & jerry relationship b/w us but I don’t know when I had such a feeling towards u. I don’t know when ur tar-tar became so musical and romantic to me. But from today onwards our relation changes. A letter is removed in our relation.

Naira: (elated) karthik.. I love u too…
They both hug each other and and does ringa-ringa roses.
All around clap for them. They dance with each other. Especially kaira dance, all enjoy a lot and leave.

Now the scene shows all family members entering the SH. they call naira. But she doesn’t respond,
Akshara: (to herself) what that party.. goes till n8????
Just then naira comes down and says maa..
Akshara: naira beta.. tum agaya ho..
Naira: haa mama.. mai kab khi agayi
They go to sleep. Naira comes to her room and asks karthik to come out.
They both start to laugh. actually few minutes before karthik and naira are walking hold hands,naira is resting her head on karthik’s chest and walking. Just then they get a message.
Karthik checks his phone and sees mishti’s message that they started then
Naira: karthik I have to leave now.
Karthik: s, but its too late.. come I will drop u.

They both reach SH and enter the home from back door.
Karthik and naira laugh remembering there entrance and their proposal scene and share an eyelock ……….then suddenly they hear knock..knock…

So,guys plz comment ur views about continuing their
hide n seek love story or I have to expose it to their family.
I will consider ur decision.so, plz comment on it.

By the way flight scene may be today or tomorrow…
Once again HAPPY DUSSHERA guys

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