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Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 6

Hi guys iam sorry for not posting.i had attend college and u know the works no..guys!!! ☹ ok I will quickly continue with my ff.
I mentioned about the plans of mishthik(mishti+karthik)earlier na..

Now the scene shows a beautiful decoration with flower and candles. It simply like the star came down to see the earth,with full moon. The scene looks awesome with white and gold decoration pieces,pics of kaira(their sweet nok-jhok)& flowers.
The beautiful girl is seen in long frock coming towards a boy and then ……
Mishti: bff don’t dream now u have to be in real world to propose her everything is nice come now okay….
Karthik: mishti tq so much…
Mishti: arey.. bff get ready now I will go & get didi..
Karthik: bye bff
Mishti: bye jiju….
Karthik: wow…… (elated)
The scene shows naira in a jeans and top sleeping there on the couch..
Naira: (screams) wow…so nice kar…….
Everyone: what happened naira why u screamed is everything okay…
Mishti: (hears and thinks) not only bff is dreaming here didi is also dreaming. Oh!!! Sorry jiju & didi are dreaming about each other.
Mishti: partiiiiiiiii
Everyone: wt
Mishti: actually naira didi had an invitation today. She had to go to party.
Naira: wt ?? invitation??? From where??
Mishti: from ur frnd…. Go now ..
Naira: (goes to get ready)
Everyone go to MH to see badi dadi..
Naira: (to herself) wow.. wt a dream.. n wt a decoration…
The scene shows the place naira has to go…
Naira goes and is dark she feels afraid but takes her step forward as she goes each one of the light is on one after the other.
She suddenly steps on the pebble and was about to fall some one catches her.
She closes her eyes and the person is simply looking at her cute puppy face…
Suddenly all the light r on and we see a couple pose staring at each other..
They look so beautiful together in that lighting


Naira slowly opens her eyes and sees karthik holding her
Naira: karthik…
Karthik is just staring at her and feels as its 1st time he is seeing her.
Naira hugs karthik, he too hugs her and they both remain in that position for sometime enjoying each others embrace.
Naira says u r so stupid I felt afraid when its dark..
And she moves aways and goes to other side.
Karthik also goes behind her but a girl asks him something and he is explaning her.
Then naira turns n sees karthik talking and feels sad.
Karthik: naira wt happened ….
Naira: nothing u go..
Karthik: wt happened..
Naira: nothing go n talk to her only..
Karthik: (understands that naira is jealous) n says ok then I will go..( he makes move)
Naira: khabardhar.. karthik…
Karthik: y naira, iam single na.. I can go n talk to her..
Naira: no u can’t n u won’t okay..
Karthik: but yyyyy…
Naira: y becoz.. I love u….
Karthik: (a bit shocked but smiles) smilies..
Naira: y r u smiling…(then realizes n goes to the table)
Karthik: (comes to naira) trust me…
N closes her eyes n takes her to…. (A place…)

So guys I hope u all like it. Plz comment on it and ur view on my ff guys.

Now, I can’t wait for the scene in serial when karthik proposes naira in swiss and even that flight scene too guys…
Plz.. comment…

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