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Kaala teeka and kumkum bhagya: love is blind (intro)

Hy guyz I am sam. I am the biggest fan of kaala teeka and kumkum bhagya. So I decided to write a fanfiction about them. So heres the introduction

Abhi : he is a money minded rockstar and doesnot believes in love. But he truly loves his family.
Yug : he is the younger brother of abhi and he is the perfect mixture of sugar and spice . He is a business man.
Purab : he is the youngest brother of abhi and yug. He believes in love and is a lazy guy . He does not do an
y work. He is a cheerful person
Pragya : she is a responsible and matured girl. She wants to help her mother who runs a marriage hall named kumkum bhagya


Kali : she is the younger sister of pragya. She is a shy, matured and decent girl. She works in.the company of yug
Bulbul : she is the youngest sister of pragya and kali. She is a confident girl and have her head in clouds. She works in abhi music company
Gauri : she is friend of purab but wants to marry yug.
Tanu : she is the cousin of abhi,yug and purab and wants to marry him
Aliya : she is also the cousin of abhi, purab and yug and wants to marry purab

Rest of characters are as shown in kkb. I hope u all like the introduction and if you like it then plz do comment in the comment section

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