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Kaala Teeka 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Kali is injured on the road. Prohit says see Vishwa. She is dead. Vishwa says lets get done with her as well. They bring a basket and white sheet. They place Naina in the basket and bury her. Vishwa says who would save you now? Your savior is dead. Vishwa always wins. No one can win from him. Naina is crying. Vishwa says cry as much as you want but no one would come to save you. Kali is dead. Kali stand up. Vishwa and Prohit get done with burrying Naina.
Kali comes there and says where is my Naina? Vishwa says wow you are so strengthful? Kali says I will come back everytime for my daughter. Where is my Naina? Vishwa says if your survive for 1000 times I will kill you once more. Go don’t waste time. Look for your Naina. And if you don’t find her then come back here to get killed. prohit says she is near. Go look for her. Kali says Naina where are you? Vishwa says you won’t find her. I have buried her. Kali says I won’t let anything happen to her. I will find her. Vishwa says good luck with that. kali looks everywhere madly.

Yug says to Gauri why you left Naina with Gauri? Gauri says I didn’t know Kali would run away with Naina. Manjiri says why would Kali. There is something wrong. Let me call her. Manjiri calls her. Kali’s phone is home. Manjiri says nothing should happen to my Kali.
Kali is looking everywhere madly. Manjiri comes there looking for Kali. There are people taking out idol. Manjiri says please take care of my daughter God.
Vishwa and Prohit are on their way back. Vishwa says this was Manji’s car. She is going towards Kali. Prohit says she won’t find her. Vishwa says I can’t take that risk. Kali’s car gets stuck in the rally. Manjiri sees Rocky. she comes out of her. Vishwa and Prohit’s van gets stuck in rally as well. Vishwa says I know a way which will take her to Kali before Manjiri.

Kali is digging the ground to look for Naina. Vishwa’s driving really fast his car hits a tree. They get a bit injured. Prohit says I can’t walk. Vishwa says okay you stay here. He takes out his revolver.
Kali is looking everywhere she cries for Naina. Manjiri comes there with Rocky. Kali says badky papa buried Naina. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. Rocky helps them locating where Naina is buried. Kali and Manjiri start digging.

Kali and Manjirii take naina our. Kali says naina open your eyes. They are both crying. Kali says Manji ma she is not opening her eyes. Let us take her to hospital. Vishwa comes there. He points the revolver at them. Manjiri stands in front of Kali. Manjiri says I won’t let you do this injustice anymore. Vishwa says Vishwa does what he wants. Nothing can stop him. He moves forward. He points the pistol at Manjiri’s forehead.

Precap-Vishwa points the gun at Kali. Manjiri takes trishun and points it at Vishwa. Vishwa says you think you are so powerful with this? You love your husband. You can’t do this. Manjiri attacks him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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