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Kaala Teeka 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
nandu says lets play brother. Dewri says play with people of your age. Nandu says my bride is of my age. Dewri says then go play with her. Nandu leaves. Nandu comes to Kali and says play with me. She says but I know girly games only. Nandu says then lets play then. Kali plays a game where they have to clamber in boxes. Nandu says you are out. Yug comes and says you said nothing is more important than Naina? You left her and playing here with Nandu? Where is she? Kali says she is with dadi. She is in sun. They hear leela scream. They run out, Leela is all injured in the garden. Yug says what happened? Leela says that eagle, it took Naina. They are all scared. Dewri says stop. Dewri says the baby will come back. Kali says we don’t believe you and nor do we have time. She runs Nandu goes with her. Dewri says you have to sit with me near fire, the baby will come back. Yug says shut up I have to go for Naina. Leela says listen to him.
Yug sits with Dewri doing some mantra. Kali is running after the bird while dewri does his mantra. The bird is going in trees. Kali is scared. The bird changes his direction. Kali says it is going towards home, Nandu says lets go. The eagle comes where dewri is and drops Naian there in his lap. Everyone is scared and dazed. Kali and Nandu come too. Kali says Naina.. Kali takes Naina from him. Dewri says I told you the baby would come back. Yug says thank you so much for saving her life. Nandu says see my brother. He saved my bride’s daughter. Dewri says I told you her fate isn’t right. Yug says what? Dewri says I told them next six months are really heavy on her. Yug says why didn’t you tell us Kali? Manjiri says because we don’t trust everyone. We don’t know their intentions. Nandu says don’t say that about my brother. He is the best. Dewri says Nandu its okay I am stranger for them. Its not easy to believe a stranger. They can think whatever they want to about me. Because I don’t want to clarify. Yug says Kali now you will tell me everything about Niana. And tell me dewri what to do? Kali says you are getting in superstitions again. Leela says let him. Haven’t you seen what is happening to Naina? And how this tree came here? Do you have any logic? Kali says yes. Some enemy might have planted it here. I will cut it down. She picks up the ax.

Scene 2
Dewri is doing his pooja in his room. He says Vishwa you took my childhood and ruined my youth. You couldn’t take my fate. You died but before dying your kala teeka got to know why you wanted to kill her because she was your kaal and now your kaal is my power. Now see how I become the king of blackmagic by giving her sacrifice. After that all black powers will be with me. God would have to come to earth to beat me after that.

Dewri tells everyone that the solution is complex but if you back out you all will die. Leela says we won’t back out. Dewri says the mother has to fight water, fire, land, earth, and light. She has to do pooja, and beat them. Yug says who would do that? Kali or Gauri? Dewri says kali because in eyes on God she is the mother.

Precap-Gauri says dadi see Naina’s shoes, they are all burnt. Leela says how? Dewri says don’t touch it. He takes them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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