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Kaala Teeka 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Manjiri says I killed Vishwa.
Leela is doing pooja for Vishwa because Dewri asked. Yug says why are we doing this for the man who always wanted to harm us? Leela says thats why? So he can’t roam around as a ghost in our house.
kali looks for Naina. She says where is naina.
Naina is with Dewri. He holds her and is doing something. Kali says stop. She takes Naina from him. Dewri says this pooja is for this baby. You will regret. Her future is in danger. Kali says better keep your suggestion to yourself. Yug comes and says what is all this? Kali says he was doing some pooja. Yug says first do pooja for Vishwa then do all this. Dewri continues his pooja.
Kali says where is Manji ma? Gauri says she is not in her room. I saw this letter in her room. Kali reads

I feel like my life for society and family is over. I have decided that I will live rest of my family for God. Don’t try to find me. Leela says she left? How could she? Kali says we can’t do this pooja without her. Yug says I will bring her. Pandit says time is getting over. Kali says I will go find her. Nandu says I will come with you bride. I won’t let you go alone. Kali says no nandu you stay here. Pandit ji says where is dewri? Jamna says in heart I hope this dewri doesn’t do anything more.

Manjiri asks pandit ji is there a sin for killing a beast? He says no you killed a harmful person. Manjiri says what if thats your husband? He says it will get you some sin then. Manjrii says how should I repent then? pandit ji says you have to bathe the idol and sink it in the river with yourself.
Manjiri fills the pots from the river and bathes the idol.
Kali asks pandit ji have you see my Manji ma? He says yes she went to repentance cliff. Kali runs there.
Manjiri says forgive me God. she washes the idol.

Yug sees Vishwa’s postmortem report. He gets to know his reason of death was trauma attack. The doctor tells him about the inspector who died right after Vishwa.
Manjri says I have killed my husband. I don’t deserve to live. I should repent. She drowns in the water.

Yug calls Kali. He says did you find manji ma? Kali says she is at repentance cliff. Yug says find her and tell her she didn’t kill vishwa. He died from trauma not from trishun attack. I saw his post mortem report. Kali says thank God. Otherwise this guilt would have killed her. A woman says that woman is drwoning save her. Kali runs and sees its Manjiri. Dewri saves Manjiri. He takes Manjiri out of river.
Kali says manji ma are you okay? You didn’t kill him. You didn’t do any sin. Manjrii says what are you saying? Kali says his post mortem report says that. Kali hugs her.

Precap-Manjrii sees a plate of an ashram in Vishwa’s stuff. Manjiri says Vishwa never told me about it? Kali says I heard about this ashram from Prohit once.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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