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Kaala Teeka 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
The man hits another man at the temple. The other man tries to hit him but it doesn’t affect him. He throttles and levitates him. Manjiri is there she is seeing all this. He throws him away. He picks the man up again and throws him far away in the trees. Manjiri is dazed. The other man takes out a dagger and is about to stab him but he grasps the dagger. He is about to hit the other man. manjiri says leave him why are you beating him in temple. The man says he came here to steal in the temple. I am doing justice. Manjiri says there is law and police for that. You don’t have to be judge. The man says we are medium of God’s justice.


Gauri is playing with Naina. She says I am your real mom. That Kali is your fake mama. She is trying to get you from me. Naina pinches

her. Naina pisses. Gauri says why you had to do it here. I will bring clothes for you. She goes in leaving Naina in the garden. There is a snake there. Gauri doesn’t see it. she comes back again and says let me take you with me. She takes Gauri inside and says my baby will change the clothes. She screams as she sees the snake on Naina’s stroller. Everyone comes. Gauri says there is a snake on Nana’s stroller. Nandu throws away the snake. Kali takes out Naina from her stroller. Kali says thank you ramji. Leela says thank Nandu. Kali says he has saved Naina’s life so many times. Leela says you are right. Kali says I want to ask something for Nandu. Leela says sure do. Kali says I want Nandu to live in this house. Chulbuli says what are you saying. Leela says I accept it. Nandu and Jamna will live here. Yug says I don’t accept that. Yug throttles Nandu and says how dare you. You will live in my house. Nandu says I will live where my bride does. Yug says Kali is not your bride. Yug hits Nandu. Everyone tries to stop Yug. Yug says I will kick him out. Nandu says if you wanna kick me out then my bride will come with me. He grasps Kali’s hand. Yug hits Nandu’s head on the wall. Jamna says leave him. Yug says take your son from here. He speaks rubbish. Yug throws Nandu out of house. He hits Nandu more. Kali says leave him Yug. Yug says you are mine and you will always be.
Nandu lies on the road. A car comes and says the brakes are fail. Move from the road. The car is about to hit Nandu. That man comes in between and stops the car with his hands. He pushes the car away. Everyone is dazed. Jamna comes and says are you okay? Nandu says big brother, it was him. Jamna says are you mad? He wasn’t here. Nandu says it was him I saw him.
Kali runs towards Nandu. Yug stops her and says why are you going to that mental? Kali says he is not mental. You have to give him shelter in this house. Or I won’t live here either.

Nadu comes to that man’s house. He says brother I know you are here. Come in front of me. Will you leave your brother again? That man is hidden. Nandu says if you don’t come in front me I will kill myself. He comes and takes the knife from Nandu. Nandu hugs him and says why you left me? Don’t ever leave me again. Where were you? He says I wanted to find something. It brought me here again but I won’t go away from you now. Don’t worry.

Leela is trying to play with Naina. Naina is crying. Kali says to Jamna Nandu will come back. Leela says take care of your daughter first. She has had a bad eye on her. Kali says its indigestion. She keeps her thumb in mouth. Gauri says so now you will tell dadi ji she is wrong? Leela says to gauri you keep quite. Leela gives Naina to Kali. Kali says I will feed her. They hear dhol sound. Nandu is outside with beating the drum. That man is coming towards the house as well. Nandu says amma big brother. Naina is crying. Kali says what happened Naina. Naina throws up.

Precap-Leela says you sound so well antiquated with mantras. He says nothing is hidden from devi. He does something in their temple. He does something in the temple. He puts tilak on Vishwa’s picture and says whatever I am is because of you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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