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Just For You (Ar-dhika)SS, Chapter 1

“Give me her number Neil, I want to say everything to her and her family.” Arjun almost pleaded to his brother Neil.
Neil- What you want to say Radhika and her family? They already knew everything about you and your past.
Arjun- No, I know dadi and Choti Maa definitely gave them false hopes. Neil, why don’t you people understand that I can’t accept anyone else in my life.
Neil tightly hold his brother and said in an angry voice.
Neil- Now, you tell me why can’t you? You are so selfish, you don’t care about us. Arjun please, we all want to see you happy.
Arjun- my happiness?? It left with Tania. But I am living peacefully right?? Why you all want to destroy my peace?? Let me live in my own terms.

Neil- You are living life Arjun?? Really??
Arjun- listen Neil, marriage is not only a solution for every problem in life.
Neil- Enough of your philosophical talk Arjun. Tomorrow is your marriage. It’s dadi’s decision and we all know you accepted it for her sake. Then, please try to fulfill all the rituals with respect and I believe that you will. Give your life another chance Arjun.
Arjun- now, you stop your lecture Neil and let me sleep.
Arjun took sleeping pills and went towards bed.
Neil- Can’t you even try to sleep without these stupid medicines??
“No”, came a faint reply from Arjun.


Neil left the room closing the door. He came in his room and sat on his bed. Neil was in deep thought. He know that the whole family forced Arjun for this marriage and his mom and dadi emotionally blackmailed Arjun and took his consent. Neil also joined hand with them. But there was always a nagging feeling that somehow they are all messing up an innocent girl life in this process. Radhika. They all become selfish for Arjun. But they can’t help it. They all love Arjun so much.
Their Family is one of the most affluent family of Kolkata and they have a family business. Their dadi, Kalpana Chatterjee has two sons. Arjun is her elder son Deepak and his wife Veena’s son and Neil is her younger son Krishnendu and his wife Aparna’s son. According to dadi, Deepak is the black sheep of their family. He used to live in London with Veena. That was also a forced marriage. Dadi threated his son that if he don’t get married to Veena, he will never get a single penny and property. One day, somehow dadi got the news that Deepak torture Veena there and started living with another girl. Dadi went to London with her younger son Krishnendu and came back with Veena. She was two months pregnant then and her condition was pathetic due to torture. Aparna was also pregnant with Neil. Dadi take a good care of both her daughters-in-law. Aparna gave birth to a healthy child, whom dadi gave the name Neil but Veena delivery was quite complicated and Pre-mature. She also gave birth to a boy and dadi gave him the name Arjun because ultimately he survived when doctors also not much hopeful. But after the delivery Veena got Post patrum depression and doctors strickly restricted to give her baby. So, Dadi and Aparna both started taking care of Arjun. But after three month, Veena committed suicide, excessive overdose of sleeping pills. From that day, dadi, Krishnendu and Aparna became extra protective towards Arjun.
Arjun was very weak and complex child. He only interact with his family. He called Neil parents as Chote papa, choti maa. Neil and Arjun, they are of same age. So, they shared a strong bonding from childhood. Neil was very protective towards Arjun but Arjun was a bookworm from childhood. He only has two friends, Books and Neil. Dadi regularly used to take him to psychologist.

But he remained a introvert type of person. But Arjun was a brilliant boy where Neil was a carefree type. Arjun always used to do Neil’s homework. After completing their studies, Neil joined family business but Arjun refused. Dadi and Krishnendu both accepted his decision. Arjun qualified Bank Probationary Officers Exam and started working in a bank. After few months, Arjun introduced a girl, Tania Dutta to his family. They love each other and want to get married. Neil and the whole family was so happy. Arjun chose a girl for himself. Tania was a bubbly and cheerful girl and she also works in same bank. Arjun and Tania got engaged. Both their families were so happy. Neil used to tease Arjun a lot. Arjun was happy and Neil felt contented. One Day, Arjun told Neil that he and Tania is going to Digha in weekend. Both went in car. Arjun was an ace-driver, so he was driving. Sunday Afternoon, Neil’s phone rang, Police informed that Arjun’s car met with an accident.

The whole family rushed towards hospital. Arjun was injured but Tania spot dead. All were shocked. When Arjun came back in senses, he was first refused to believe that Tania is no more. Then after seeing her dead-body he remained silent. Not even a single tear escaped from his eyes. Another worst thing happened was Tania’s mother slapped Arjun and her accusing look to Arjun, when they all knew that a truck crashed on the car from behind and it was not at all Arjun’s fault. Neil tightly hugged his brother.After the incident, Arjun became more introvert.

He stopped talking almost everyone and resumed his work. The whole family was horrified when Arjun started taking sleeping pills. Neil even started staying in Arjun’s room. One day, Arjun said him in a calm voice, you don’t need to worry Neil. I am not going to commit suicide. But they all were afraid, they all know if this continues, they will lose Arjun. He is broken. When dadi first talk about the marriage proposal, they all are skeptical. But soon, dadi convinced all as they all has full trust on Arjun, that he can’t never hurt anyone and a hope that Arjun will give a chance for the sake of Radhika.

Heyy, Madhumita again. After a long time. Right?? Sorry. There was some problems plus I am facing writer blocks.
You all must be shocked to see, that I am writing Love Story, Yes, I am. Taking a break from thriller.

Just trying. Waiting for reviews. This is a short story. Will coming up soon with other story updates.

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