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junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-43

Hii all…here m with my ff…
U all know na DAT my phone is not well…its sleeping in coma…so writing from mumma’$ phone😊✌…
Pls read n cmnt…..
Here v go wid today’s dose😑

D epi starts wid chinki enter rohan’$ house…n got shock…seeing her grandma with rohan grandfather….😱💑….
Dey both were hugging…
Chinki:dadi wat r u doing here n uncle..?


She gav a confuse look😰😑
Grandmother:(her name is priyanka from next time I will mention her as a PRIYANKA)beta from ur childhood I had lived widout a partner coz u were wid me but now u r big u will marry so I will b alone….so I got a partner for me..
She said hugging grandfather (varun)…
Chinki n rohan see eo with a shocking+confuse look😱😨😤😣😶😶😶…..(😂😂😂😅)
Varun(grandfather): will u pet us marry…?😉

Chinki:I need to think…
Rohan:here d same
Chinki:cm we should go home…
Priyanka: no first both give ur answer….
Chinki:u dont wanna come den don’t come I will leave…
Rohan also leave…
Now dadi separate herself from varun
Priyanka:sorry…bhaisahab…but I must say good acting..😉
Varun:hmm…hmmm thank u behenji😂😉
Priyanka: thank u for helping me…
N she smiles😊
Last day wen chinki was talking to herself n her revenge roshni listened n den she tell it to sid….
Both thought to go to Mumbai n save tanejas so at nightvtw call priyanka n tell her everything…priyanka made a plan to save tanejas…coz she is also a daughter of taneja
**flashback end**😀
(Her full plan will b revealed soon.😇)

Next scene:
Sidni room..😳
Sid:wat should v do…?
Rosh:I think v should tell dem…
Sid:no….v have tell to aunty…she will do smthng…nv will tell dem after marriage..
dey both signs eo😯😷..

So how was it..?
Sorry all of u I couldn’t fulfil d precap…
But I reveal priyanka truth…
M having fear DAT if mumma will see den I will b killed…s
So bahbye..✋👋�
Taa taa
💟�💗💕💖 u all
I will post next after 30….
Stay tuned😊✋

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