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Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Jank (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 1

Hi guys sorry for the late update.. Actually I was unwell.. Guys Thnx fr reading intro n liking it, if anyone missed intro then…

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The epi starts with Janak seeing the Shiv dhanush with a smile, recalling how Sita had lifted it in her childhood. He says Sunaina, we should organise Siya’s swayamwar, what do u say..? Sunaina says u don’t think wrong fr her, you’re ryt, we should do this asap.. The naughty sisters see n hear them n think abt telling it to Sita.


Janak n Sunaina come to Sita, who is arranging the room neatly. Sunaina says putri…
Sita-Mata , pitashri you here….?? Some special reason..
Sunaina-Putri sita, we want to talk something imp to u.
Sita-Mata, I know.
Janak-Know.. Bt how..? N wat..?
Sita-That u r worried for ur daughter’s wedding..
Janak-How.. Do u know..
Sita-I know u r arranging for my swayamwar.
Sunaina-Yes bt how did u..
Sita-Mata, don’t worry, i know you are worried about my marriage, you’ve arranged my swayamwar, whatever you two wil do wil b fr my welfare, u hv nvr thought anythin else than our welfare, I know ur decisions r always ryt, so b worry free nd u r free to do whatever for ur
daughter cos ur daughter knows u cn nvr b wrong, the day we think u r wrong will b the last day of our lyf.. I know this is imp decision fr my lyf, it’s powerful enough to either spoil or beautify my lyf, bt whatever happens always happens fr gud, n what cn b more better than have ur blessings on this auspicious day..
Sunaina hugs her. That’s alright bt hw did u cm to know abt it…..??
Urmila, Mandvi and sutkirti come out from the balcony coughing..
Sunaina says Ohh… So somebodies naughtiness isn’t stopping, ha..
Urmila – v herd ur talk mistakenly..
Sunaina-You’ve been making many mistakes nowadays
Mandvi- yes Mata, so v thought to tease siya jiji.
Kirti -but her calmness is overwhelming…
Sunaina-I was thinking lets make the four marry together. Their naughtiness will get a break …
The three hug Sunaina saying noooo…
Janak asks Shatanand to make list of invitations fr Siya’s swayamwar.. Ayodhya, Magadha, Koshal, ….
Shatanand- And Lanka…
Sunaina- no Lanka vanka..
Janak- yes also Lanka. Lankapati Ravan will also b invited.
Sunaina-If Lankapati comes he can easily lift the dhanush being a Shiv bhakt.. Then sita will hv to bcm LankaMaharani.. She’ll b far away, we wont know what’s happening with her.. N whatever happens, we cant deny the truth that she wont b safe with lankapati Ravan .. N she wants to marry a man who’s lyk u, who will love only her n her.. N lankapati is also married to Rani Mandodri. She wont b happy there, my heart is saying..
Janak-Sunaina, I know, she’s also my daughter, bt whatever happens, I care fr her, whatever will happen will b for the good only, don’t worry. Bt according to tradition, invitation will also go to Lanka..
Shatanand sends the invitations.
Sita is watering the flowers n instructs the sisters hw to take care of the plants. Wen I won’t b here u three will take care of the plants. Urmila hugs Sita n says you’re not going anywhere. We wont let u go anywhere. Mandvi says yes didi, u know Urmila will marry Lakshman and then go with you. After all Gauri Mata will make u marry ur Raghunandan. N Urmilas Sumitranandan…! Urmila is annoyed while the three have a good laugh. Urmila says shut up rakshasi, even if I’ve to bring jiji from pataal lok by marrying that rakshas, I won’t do so. Mandvi sys you’re a rakshasi/demoness n u’ll marry that rakshas. Urmila says yes yes, u r a rakshasi so u marry that rakshas. They argue. Kirti gets angry. You’re elder sisters, still not know how to behave in front of young sissy. Sita smiles n says Kirti, let them argue, they’ll themselves understand when they’ll b seperated after their marriage. Kirti says yes, leave them, I’ll take care of your flowers, otherwise their fight will spoil ur pretty flowers also..! They share a hug.
Sunaina shows Sita the ornaments and says there’re four sets, in different colour combinations, which one u lyk, choose it. The sisters come n say what’s fr us..? Chandrabhaga says nothing.. You wear flower garlands lyk Sanyasi’s do, cos u three will never marry. Urmila says no no, we’ll marry, what is for us..? Sita chooses her set n gives the three remaining sets to her sisters.

Precap-Swayamwar begins. Lankapati Ravan comes there n laughs, now I’ll marry Sita..! Sita waits fr Ram.

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