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Raman reached home and messaged mihir.
This is the problem when you are attached to someone. When they leave, you just feel lost.
Mihir was half-asleep and could hardly read his message. He didn’t take it seriously too.
Even Raman was about to sleep when his phone beeped. He expected it to be mihir but it was ishu.


I am sorry. I know I overreacted to the whole thing, but even you were wrong. You should have thought before saying those words which hurt me. I shouldn’t have been so rude but I lost it. I promise I will never fight again. Please forget my harsh words and come out of your dark mood. Show me your lovely smile and let me kiss your dimples.It’s said forgiveness in a relationship is essential. I realize my mistake now, but at that time, I couldn’t stand seeing you looking at someone else with so much desperation. Am I not hot? I have better ones. 😀 . Sorry. You know, the thing that I realized after our first fight is that I know our relationship can survive a disagreement too. I cried when I left the station. I know you were hurt and it was killing me from inside. I couldn’t cheer up knowing that there were tears in your eyes. The lips with a drop of tear on it are the best ones to kiss. Let me kiss you. Muahhhhh! Love you Mickey… I am eagerly waiting for Saturday.
Raman immediately called her up and her kisses seemed more beautiful on the phone after a fight. Her voice seemed more melodious than ever. Ishu not only cared for him, but also felt protective towards him. Raman felt ishu was the best girl he could ever get. After a long conversation, ishu hung up the phone. When you are talking to someone special, even a nonsensical conversation makes sense. Raman had realized it that day. He changed his WhatsApp status to,

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi kya narazi… Aa re aa re aa re aa! Waiting for Saturday!
Ishu copied the same status with a dance smiley.
Mihir’s cell phone beeped. It was Raman again.
I really cannot understand girls. Some time back she was on the verge of killing me and now she is in love with me all over again. Girls I tell you!
As mihir saw the sender’s name, he replied without even reading the full message:
Arre, go to sleep yaar. Let me sleep too.

So hows it????

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