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ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-10

ISS PYARKO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-10

Sorry friends I was not feeling well that’s why I cant post an update I hope you will understand……now moving to story….


RECAP:arshi’s lovely date…….


KUSHI: arnavji said to open this gift but what would be inside{she was holding the gift which was send by her would be husband}

She slowly opens and finds a lehenga and gets shocked to see the same lehenga she liked in mall{when lavanya,Anjali,asr went to shopping for lavanya and asrr youngagement khushi liked one lehenga remembered guyss }

KHUSHI:kya arnavji remembers it{she gets teary eyes}

She gets a message from arnav

KHUSHI(reading):stop crying khushi I know that you liked this one that’s why I brought it for you{she gets shocked reading this and looks hre and there and receives one more messege }

KHUSHI(reading):khushi I’m not there in your home stop searching me and open the next one

KHUSHI:laad governer I don’t know that he has eyes everywhere{saying this she opens the gift and gets shocked and gets a meesege}

KHUSHI(reading):khushi yes that was the same necklace that you liked which I gave to lavanya……sorry khushi on that day only I thought to give you

KHUSHI: I love you arnavji

ARNAV:I love you too khushi

KHUSHI: aap???what are you doing here???

ARNAV:I just came to see you

KHUSHI: so that’s why you could understood my feelings……now go otherwise buaji..

ARNAV: ok ok I came to see your happiness I will go ok…….saying this he kisses her and leaves that place…


ANJALI:nani everything is going well na????should I recheck once???

NANI:no no Anjali betiya everything Is well except one thing??

ANJALI:what?????what is it???

ARNAV:you didn’t had your milk now have it

ANJALI:oh chotte ok I will drink you go and be ready

ARNAV: what are you thinking I’m not khushi for spending hours in preparing and one more thing I was ready ok

ANJALI:oohoo……my chotte is angry on khushiji that she was …….ah what that she was???

ARNAV:not lifting my phone call……


ARNAV: ha see di I will never talk to her

KHUSHI:mr.arnav singh raizada don’t dare to say that again{at that moment only guptha family arrived}

ANJALI:chotte…….chotte khushiji is scolding you

ARNAV:{he was lost in her beauty} yes di I was listening

ANJALI:that’s why we girls Take more time to ready samjhi tum???

ARNAV:{now he came back to the real world}ah???

KHUSHI: ah nahi I wont talk to you laad governer{saying this she goes from there and takes blessing from nani,mami}

Precap:arshi’s youngage ment

Sorry friends for the same precap……..do share your views…….thankyou all who are reading my ff and my dear friends who are supporting me…….

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