Ishani godhbharai function starts they did all rasam and amba baa blessed her gave gifts too.ranveer was in his study room with manas pratik.
Shaman was waiting at the entrance
Naina reached and entered the hall sharman saw her and greetings mam’ you are here
She also replied hey you …
Yeah I came to see rv
Sharman got angry she entered and called rv.
Sharman was looking at her angrily the function was over all ladies walking towards dining table Ishani slowly walked came to the hall with krisha naina got shocked by seeing her .ranveer mobile was silent as Mala informed him that rituals has done he started to come down to meet Ishani.
Ishani seeing sharman calling him he smiled and came sat next to her in couch
They were talking naina was speechless
Ranveer got shocked by seeing naina in center of the hall
Naina also saw him with a light smile moved towards him he got irritating

Naina :hi rv
Rv:hello you are here anything important he looked at management
Naina: nahi. .would
Rv:he turned towards Ishani anyhow you came home …meet my lovely wife ISHANI
Ishani who was about to get up slowly. ..rv went close and held her to sit back signed his eyes
She sit back
Sharman find something different
Naina got upset …okay rv I just came to say bye
He dint even ask why and what. ..he was called by amba so he went .
Manas came and ask mam is there any update you need. ..
Naina nodded no and left
All had dinner Ishani was talking with sharman while having food
After a while they all left
Ranveer was waiting for Ishani in room early since he dint get time to speak with her

Pratik stayed back since he had one of his friends birthday party

Ranveer got upset by seeing Ishani with parul and pratik were chatting.

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