After opening the door baa saw ranveer smiled and asked him to come inside ranveer entered and saw ishani she was cutely playing with krish ranveer was admiring her she was astonished and got angry she stood up and saw him
Chaitali greeted ranveer offered him water he smiled and started talking ishani with angry went inside the room with krish
Ranveer apologise to baa explained him.baa insist him to have dinner all had food while ishani dint even looked at him she took krish again went inside the room

Ranveer was unable to speak to her management entered home around 10.he smiled at ranveer ask for krish by saying had dinner at office
Ishani came out with krish and bowl smiledo to manas said he had food krish after seeing manas showed his hands to him he took him baa said whole day he was playing with ishani he dint slept
Baa insist ranveer to stay back Chaitali and manas also said
Ishani was looking at him angrily.
Without saying a word she went inside the room


Naina and ritika has decided to humiliate sharman he is a short temper

Amba was waiting for ranveer he called her and told her he is gonna stay in his sasural
He entered the room ishani was sitting in the bed was having tablet ranveer locked the door turned came near her called ISHANI. .
Her phone starts ringing it was sharman by seeing him she gave up and down look

PRECAP: ranveer removed his coat Tie ..
held ishani hands…came close to her

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