After 60 days ishani was four months pregnant now ranveer was managing business since naina project was handled by manas she couldn’t spent time with ranveer

Naina and ritika plot a plan she will organise a cocktail party ,she was pretty sure that ranveer will come alone becoz a week ago employee’s kid birthday party was happen he came alone and said excuses like his wife could not travel much


She plotted the plan very well sharman who was not aware of it organised the party

Ranveer went casual over there he started to leave early but naina made some tricks ask some people to misbehave with her in front of ranveer

She pretend like innocent but sharman fought with those people instead of ranveer she somehow managed sharman and apologies to the guest she puntured her own car and ask lift to ranveer
He took it as casual thing which he can do to anyone he offered her they reached her flat as per ritika plan she turned off the fuse.
Sharman who got confused in the party got naina handbag since she was his boss he came to returned it.
Naina asked ranveer to leave her till door step she got scared of the people and darkness
Ranveer with no other way went with her the moment she opened the door it was dimlight she started to act like fainting everything happened as per their plan but sharman came to return her belongings was not in the script

Sharman got down from his car and went to her flat there he saw ranveer holding naina since she acted like fainting he got more angry and misunderstood the situation.

Ranveer made her sit on the couch he don’t know wat to do…he saw a jar with water in the dining table sprinkle water on her face
She slowly open her eyes and acted like she is weak
Ranveer :take care naina let me leave
Sharman was standing down in his car he saw ranveer coming down both stand in front of each other. Sharman went away from him climbed the stairs. He heard only naina conversation I didn’t expect him he will be dropping home

Rv really made me happy tokay he was so lovely and caring
Sharman got more angry he banged the door instead of knocking

Ritika got alert and hided herself .sharman returned her belongings and left soon from there.

Sharman was telling to ishani about ranveer and naina in the entrance of Rv mansion

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