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IshRa: The unique love story…(Epi 1)

Hi guys, I am Cynthia, and I am a big fan of YHM!!! So I decided to make my own version but there will be no negative characters in the first few episodes. Hope u will like it.
15th May 2000
A ghodbharai ceremony is shown, a lady blesses the pregnent lady.
Lady: Shagun I am really happy for you.
Shagun: Mummiji, thank you, by the way where is your darling son.
Mummiji (Santosh): Actually, I didn’t even noticed that.
Shagun: Your son(Raman) is in his room, looking at the calender.
Santosh: Is it let me check.
Santosh goes to Raman’s room.
Santosh: Puttar, where are you?
Raman: Mummy, I am here.
Santosh: What are you doing?
Raman: Looking at the calender and counting days.
Santosh: For what.
Raman: For our baby’s arrival.
Santosh: Ok,Ok, Shagun is waiting for you.
Santosh goes.
Raman comes to the ceremony.
Shagun: Why did you take so long ha?
Raman: Sorry, Shagun.
1 month later (21th June 2000)…
Shagun struggles and stumbles.
Raman comes there.
Raman: Be careful, these days are very sensitive for you and the baby.
Shagun: Ok, I will be careful.
Raman: Lets go to the hospital now.
The go to the hospital on the car.

Scene shifts to the hospital.
Few hours later…
Raman is shown sitting with worries.
The doctor comes.
Raman: Is Shagun ok Doctor.
Doctor: Congratulations Mr. Bhalla you gonna be a father of a girl, we have tested Shagun and the baby and Shagun are fine only 1 month left, you should take care of Shagun.
Raman(Happy): Thank you doctor, can we go.
Raman takes Shagun and both go home on their car.
Santoshi: Bhallaji, Is Shagun fine, I am really worried.
Bhallaji(Omprakash): Raman is coming home, and I think Shagun is fine.
Raman and Shagun comes.
Raman smiles and doesn’t talk.
Santosh: Is Shagun fine.
Raman: Yes, and you gonna have another grand-daughter.
Santosh: Bhallaji, did you hear that we gonna become grandparents of a girl once again.
Pari: Sacchi, chotimaa, so dadi and dadu will become grandparents of me and the baby.
Romi: Thats a great news bhabi.
Shagun thanks all.
1 month later (29th July 2000)
Raman: Shagun we are getting late for hospital.
Shagun: Coming!
Shagun comes and touches Santosh and Omprakash’s feet.
They bless her.
Shagun and Raman goes and sits on the car.
The car goes.
[On the journey] Shagun: What should we name our child.
Raman: What about Ridhima or Sanya.
Shagun: No what about Ruhi.
Raman: Ruhi, yes Ruhi, thats a superb name.
Shagun: Raman, you are driving look at the front, there is a lorry coming.
Raman(worried): I can’t turn, the brakes failed.
Shagun(worried): Raman do something.
Raman(worried): I can’t!!!
Raman successfuly turn half of the car to the side, but the lorry crashes on the place where Shagun sat.
Raman gets up.
Raman: Shagun, Shagun.
Shagun(struggling to breathe): I am in labour, take me to the hospital.
Raman: Ok, please don’t worry, I am here with you.
Raman goes to the middle of the road, and signs to a car.
They take Shagun to the hospital.
Raman: Someone here, doctor, my wife is in labour.
The nurses come with the ward and take her to the OU.
Doctor: Mr. Bhalla, your wife’s situation is critical.
Raman: Will my wife be alright?
Doctor: I can’t say right now!
The doctor goes inside.


Few hours later…
Doctor comes to the waiting room.
Raman: How is my wife?
Doctor: Unfortunately, you have one choice, either we can safe wife or the baby.
Raman gets emotional.
Raman: Ok, save my wife and how is she.
Doctor: She is conscious right now.
The doctor goes to Shagun’s cabin.
Shagun tries to speak to the doctor.
Shagun: Doctor how is my baby.
Doctor: I have told your husband that, we could either save you or the baby and he chose you.
Shagun get emotional.
Shagun: I beg you, please save my baby.
Doctor: But your husband…
Shagun: Please, ok, and please don’t tell my husband right now.
Doctor: Ok

Few hours later…
Doctor come to the waiting room.
Raman: How is Shagun?
Doctor: I am sorry, Mrs. Bhalla chose the baby, and she begged for this that I can’t reject.
Raman cries.
Santosh, and others come there.
The doctor gives the baby to them.
Raman hugs Santosh.
Raman(crying): Mummy, woh Shagun, Shagun is no more!!!
Santosh and others get shocked.
Santosh: Doctor, how did this doom happened?
The doctor narrates the story.
Santosh: Look at the baby, she is the replica of Shagun, and she has a mole like Shagun.
Precap: [8 years leap] Ishita is shown.
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