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Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 9

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story part 9
HI everyone sorry for not posting lately so I hope your ready for a new experience of this  part Maya twist will come today shocking you all please comment and let’s begin

Shagun: very good job
Tanu: that’s a good thing you did
Shesha: I snake thank you


Maya: it was my please my revenge
Shagun and all villans laugh
Maya: stupid people
Shagun: you did a good job
Maya: what’s my name
All together: sitara
All laugh
Maya removes the moll she had on
Sitara face is shown
Sitara: so stupid they actually fell for it
Shagun: we did a good plan
Tanu: they all feel for it and separated
Shesha: I became a snake and did it

While the stabbing was happening
They all had fake knifes and Sitara had a fake red colour and put it i  her stomach and goes in front
The villans signal their inspector and he pretends to arrest them
At the hospital Sitara pays the doctor and puts a dead body and leaves paying the doctor and giving the letter
When the herions leave them the villans all meet and dance
Flashback ends

Siatara and the villans laugh
Siatara: we have to create that much difference between them that they will separate and we will make sure we get the men
All laugh

Raman goes to that party since he is invited by the ceo
Raman sees Ishita and rohan dancing closely and gets jealous and leaves with anger
Rohan: bye Ishu
Ishita: bye
Ishita is leaving and slips Raman catches her

Abhi is seen at walking down the road
Pragya is walking down as well and they both fall and Abhi catches her
Abhi: watch it what if something happened to you

Shivanya is seen and then she sees a goon and tries to run goon catches her
Ritik comes and saves her
Shivanya hugs ritik

Khushi is seen at the road
One boy teases her
Arnav sees her and beats the boy
Khushi hugs him

They let go each other ae dil hai mushkil plays while they walk in different directions

Precap: all men decide to ask woman’s to know why they left the wedding

Villans will soon become a hurdle

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