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#Ishqbaaz #Vivah #Part Six..

Hello, Peeps… How are you all????? How Diwali preparation and celebration going on????

Part six


Scene stated from some place of the city.

Same day at some isolated place of city a girl in her mid-twenties looked at Anika’s photo and speak

Girl: Why Anika why??? Since childhood, you always get every better thing in your life… But do not worry darling sis this time your Di will teach a good lesson to you for always cheating on me…

And you know one thing darling sis I never liked the way everyone loves you, smitten by your charm and your smile and your eyes I do wonder from where you bring all this pretended innocence to charm everyone,
but remember one thing that all are do not going to work on me I already sacrificed so many things for your happiness,
And that Jayshree Shekhawat saved you that day from me otherwise, the story will be totally different but do not worry now I am back along with you each and every person who brings a smile on your face which is written for me have to pay price for snatching that all from me…

And with saying that she burnt Anika’s photo and look at burning she give one of her devilish smiles…

Scene Shifted to Anika’s Home

Once again Anika tries to tie back strips of blouse so she can know fitting but once again she failed to tie so she give call to Ishana but she did not reply so she send text to her and she covered herself with dupatta leaving bareback and untied strips uncovered and sit on her bed keeping her back on door side and cursing Ishana for ignoring her.

And here in all chaos of welcoming and teasing and leg pulling of Shivay Ishana did not give attention to her mobile which is waiting for Ishana to attend Anika’s important text and after Shivay is out of their eyesight Jayshree told Ishana to help her in wrapping gift so she nodded her head and once again ignored her phone royally and on another side since last 10 minutes Anika is waiting for Ishana’s arrival.

Shivay is now standing in front of Anika’s room and he is in dilemma whether to meet her or not and after having mentally discussion with his heart whether to enter or not he finally decide to meet and knock on door waiting to be answered and soon he heard reply “Jaldi aao” and he entered inside and his eyes turn into saucer size in shock, surprised which will be understatement and many more alien feelings and same time his throat went dry seeing her inviting milky back all he want to do is just embrace her in his arms but soon he controlled his self before any damage happen and about to speak but before that irritated Anika speak.

Anika: Tie this stupid strips fast, I want to see how does it look, waise you know this one is reminding me every romantic scene of movies where actor tie actress’s strip and then their romantic moment and eye lock and all happens and she started day-dreaming about it unaware of the fact that with whom she is talking is not Ishana but the about whom she is day-dreaming and her words are creating havoc in his minds.

And after hearing Anika’s word unknowingly Shivay started moving towards Anika.

So that’s all for today’s update…. So hows it buddies???? Please please leave your feedback…. By the way how many are ready to throw Jutas and rotten tomatoes (Plz replace with chocolates Diwali hai na… Kuch mitha ho jaye waise bhi Shivika’s romance is on the way) for bringing that sis wala twist in story waise now it clear that this one is not wholly a cute and sweet love story…

Precap: Lil lil romance of Shivika… (Blush*)

I think lil long then my usual updates….

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