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#Ishqbaaz #Vivah #Part Seven

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Now after enjoying that all here goes bang for new year…


Part seven

Shivay is moving towards Anika like he is under some magical trance and Anika is waiting for Ishana to tie strip but instead of tying even she is not hamming or replying any thing to her and this make Anika angry so without looking at her she is about to speak something when she felt her blouse’s strip is in Ishana’s han so she angrily speak

Anika: Leave it, I’ll help myself. I do not need any of your help.

This words of Anima bring Shivay out of trance and when he looked at her after coming out of that magical and romantic trance he witnessed her fighting with strips to tie and same time few hair strains are dancing on her bare milky back which irritating her so slowly he move them and let them take rest on her shoulder along with others and Anika who is yet not know it is done by Shivay though she is feeling butterfly dancing in her stomach after that touch she yelled at Ishana

Anika: This is how you are helping me???And this is time to come??? Now I said na that I do not need your help just go.

And she once again started her fail attempt to tie strips and son Shivay speak

Shivay: May I help you pretty girl????

As soon as words register in her mind she stunned and turn back and find him standing there and she ask

Anika: You???

Shivay nod his head which make Anika blurt out her world famous dialogue “fel gaya raita” and she all in sudden started feeling over conscious and she clutch her lehnga and in slow voice ask

Anika: It mean all this while you are here not Ishana right???

Shivay once again nod his head in reply and that make Anika feel shy and she looked down on floor finding some precious lying there and her face colour soon turn to beat root red colour revising all the things she speak in last few minutes.

Shivay who is observing this sheer beauty soon presume that if he did not do any thing soon then she will be lost in blush coma 😊😊😃😃😃 so he speak

Shivay: May I help you???

Anika just nod her head and as soon as she grant permission to him he come forward and pull her towards him and this leave almost no space between them and their lips are inches away and Anika keep her hand on his back and this bring smile on Shivay’s face and he slowly pick up both strips and mean while intentionally he brush is figures on her milky bare back due to which she moan little and he smiled seeking his effect on her.

And taking his sweet time in tying that strips and same time sweetly torturing her by brushing his figures on her back he move lil more towards her closing all gaps between them and soon both are lost in their own world and Shivay put his face on Anika’s neck and Anika too adjust her face on his neck and both of their breath are creating havoc and magical trance in each others mind and they both are lost in that trance which soon broken by Shivay’s mobile ring and that bring both back to the earth from their heaven and soon Anika once again suffer from blush attack due to the moment they share before few seconds.

And Shivay take out his phone from pocket cursing that caller to disturb him in his precious moment (Shivay Singh Oberoi may be such problem’s solution is keep your phone on silent mode from next time…😛😛😛 else reader will kill me and you both for breaking of that moment…😛😛😜😜😜)

And he saw Rudy’s name on caller id and he pick up call speak

Shivay: Always bad timing… 😒😒 speak up what is so much important thing you need to talk???

Firstly it amaze Rudra but he keep it aside and answered

Rudra: News are fleshing that Shivay Singh Oberoi is at his would-be fiancee’s home is it right???

And this stunned Shivay so he asks

Shivay: What he wuck???? Who told you this Rudra???

Rudra: Bhaiya agent Rudy k jasoos kone kone me fele hue h.. Waise aap wanna gaye kyu hai number lens ya fir romance karne????

This reminded recent moment to Shivay which he shared with Anika and he smile remembering that and not a word from Shivay’s side Rudra speak

Rudra: It seems like you are romancing my would-be-bhabhi right now.

And words brings Shivay to earth and he replied

Shivay: Shut up, Rudra. And I’ll talk to you when I’ll be back to home.

And he disconnect calk and turn to Anika’s side and about to move to her and same time Ishana come to Anika’s room and before Shivay can say anything she speak

Ishana: Anika I am really sorry for not answering your call and what help…

Before she can complete her sentence Anika shyly speak

Anika: Its done now…

All this while she is looking at Shivay. And soon both are lost in each others eyes but soon Ishana bring them to world by her question to next target I.e. Shivay

Ishana: So Jijaji, what you bring for Anika in that packet???

And that remind Shivay that he is there with some purpose and he take that packet from bed keep it in Anika’a hand and speak

Shivay: Actually this is lenhga for Anika for tomorrow’s function…

And that bring smoke on Anika’s face and Shivay become seeing her smiling and he leave from there.

As soon as he started driving car he once again receive call from Rudra but he did not answer it and after few calls he receive a text from Rudra and due to constant call and text Shivay thought it might be something important so he open text which is reading
“Do you get Anika bhabhi’s number???”

And soon realisation drawn that he went to Anika’s home for asking number face to face. And what he did nothing.(Who told you to be distracted from your mission Shivay Singh Oberoi??? 😜😜😜😛😛😛😉😉😉)

So this new year’s small gift from me to all my sweet readers with a demand that please leave your precious comments as a gift for me… Even negative feedback is warmly welcoed …☺☺☺ But please give your feedback… And silent readers please do leave atleas few words as feedback your words are like magical trance for me which make me type this all update….☺☺☺☺

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