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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 9

Hiii guy’s lets start no bak bak
Let’s start:

Recap: Bro sister moment


Tej: I want to say that
Rudy: ya papa say we r listening
(Tej look at rudra angrily rudra make puppy face)
Tej: I m saying that
(Bad luck her phone ring)
Shivika & rumya holding hand tightly
Tej come back & said
Tej: I m saying that……
(Double bad luck her phone again ring)
He talk & shivika rumya & ishkara staring at her
(Again he came back)
Tej: I m saying that
Rudy: papa I m saying that leave I m saying that come to the point & ya give me ur phone or it will again ring
Shivika & ishkara: shut up rudra
Tej: I m saying …. leave ya u three r going abroad for studies
(Anishya is shock)(shivomru mix emotions happy coz they r going abroad & sad to leaving anishya)
Rudy: hurray for only one years na
Tej: no for 10 years
Shivomru: What
Tej: what what ya ur going for 10 years
Shivomru: no we r not going leaving our anishya (om said aniya)alone
Tej: I make my decision u r going means going & tomorrow at night u r leaving
Shivomru & anishya: what tomorrow (they at each other)
Anishya: bade papa please don’t send them
Tej: sorry beta but they should go & ya now go to ur room
(They 6 leave they r in shivomru room)
Anika is crying
Ani: billu ur leaving me alone ???
Omru: Ani/didi we r also going not only shivaye
Ani: ya u 3 r leaving us alone ???
Isha: bhaiyya & Rudy u both stay here leave this jangli billa(pointing toward om)will go
Om: oye jangli billi shut ur mouth
Isha: who is jungli billi
Om: u
(Anika wipe her tears & start enjoying there fight)
Isha: u shut up u go fast I m waiting when will u go
Om: oh u shut up i m not going anywhere
Just then dadi came & said
Dadi: please stop ur fight now please shake ur hand be frnd now leave ur fight here see after u both leave each other u will miss each other
Ishkara: no I’ll never miss this chudail/jungli billa
Dadi: ok ok but please now be frnd shake ur hand
No response
Shivika rumya & dadi: please…….
Ishkara: ok
They shake there hand
Dadi leave
Rudra: wow enemies r shaking hand how sweet
Ishkara: shut up rudra

Precap: cute moment of shivomrupri & anishya

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