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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 8

Hii guy’s I m back with another episode I m happy & sad both happy coz my aunties went back & I m sad coz I m not getting much comment please silent reader please comment please I request u if it is boring or u r not liking please say guy’s I’ll change the track or I’ll stop here please guy’s I request u please comment my hands r paining but coz of u guy’s I m writing let’s start:

Recap: Ishlara fight shivika & rumya tease ishkara angrily they went in room & shivom & aniya take breakfast for them


@ Shivomru:
Om is sitting angrily on bed
Shiviye & rudra saw that he is very angry
Rudra: Shivaye bhaiyya u go he will listen I
Shiviye: no u go ur younger right
Rudra: no I’ll not go u will go u r elder one
Shiviye: ok we will go at once
Rudra: ok
They went in breakfast in their hand
Shivaye went near om & said
Shivaye: Sorry we should not do that
No reply
Rudy: O say something
Shivru: What(giving question mark look)
Om: I…don’t…want…..to…..talk….to….any…one…..so….please…….go….from….here
Rudy: No we will not go first u will eat
Shivaye: ya he is right first u will eat
Shivru loudly: eat eat eat not we will not go eat eat eat eat eat
Om: lis…..(they interrupted)
Shivru: Eat eat eat or we will not go sorry sorry sorry
Om loudly: Ok ok I’ll eat & it’s ok(he smile)
They smile
Om ask u both ate
Rudy: no
Om: ok come we will eat they feed each other

They came
Aniya: Sorry ishu/ishu di(make puppy face ??)
She ignore them
Somo: di please eat na
Ani: ya di oops I mean ishu eat na my lovely ishu tissue (pulling her cheeks)
Glare at anika angrily ???
Ani: oops sorry ishu not tissue
Shivomru is peeping into there room
Somo: tissue di
(Glare at soumya angrily ???)
Om laugh & that time shivru gave him angry look ???
Somo: sorry ishu di please please(she start shouting & sign anika to shout they both start shouting)
Aniya: ishu eat na ishu eat na sorry sorry
Shivomru cover there ears
Ishu: ok ok I’ll eat
She start eating
Somo: di I didn’t ate & anika di also didn’t ate
Ishu: ok
They three feed each other

After sometime:
They came in hall elders[naitik & akshara also is there]discussing something
Anishya to Shivomru
Anishya: u know what they r discussing
Shivomru: no

Tej says
Tej: I want to say u something shivomru
Shivomru: what u want to say
Tej say something & Shivomru get happy & sad to Anishya get sad after listening that

Precap: Anika crying ???& ishya & Shivomru consoling her

Thanks for reading & ya please comment guy’s silent reader please or I’ll stop this here

By……take care
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di ???

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