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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 5

Hii guy’s ayesha here how r u all how was ur day my day was superb I m so…… happy coz I won dance competition & i get first prize i know u all want long update but I m busy this full week so I don’t know when I’ll post next one so this long update actually i have so… many competition so guys today dance it’s finish, tomorrow singing,on Monday pot painting,next mehendi,then cooking,hairstyling then make up(I paricipate in every competition) then test and I want to take tuition then boutique then parlour, dance class then cooking at home then my own studies also very busy I don’t know how will i manage I want to do leap in my 5th episode but due to busy schedule i can’t ooh I talk so much??right?? Let’s start:

Om said I already said u guys that she is a looser but u all didn’t listen me now see
Ishana in full angryness fill glass of water & thrown on om face
Ishana rock ??? shivika,rudya & in shock ???
Om gets angry & in return he throw water on ishana’s face they start doing like this
And anika think something and fill glass of water and throw on shivay face shivay gets shock & everybody start laughing then shivay fill glass & throw on anika
Anika: billu I’ll not leave u then she throw on shivay face and like this they start playing with water


Rumya sees them & first rudra slowly fill glass that time soumya is enjoying shivika & ishkara fight then she also think something and she also fill glass of water & at once throw on each other face and they laugh and also start playing

Isha: omi chomi and throw water.
Om: ishu tissue he throw water.
Isha: how dare u omi chomi then she throw water.
Om: how dare u to call me omi chomi u ishu tissue then he throw.
At once they thing something then see full kitchen they saw shivika & rumya is playing water nicely they get shock and at once they said
Ishkara: guy’s stop.

They 4 stop and see at ishkara they said what
Ishkara: guy’s see what we did
They all 4 at once: what we did (question mark look) ishana said
Isha: see hole kitchen properly
They 4 see & said
Shivika & rumya: Omg
Om: we should clean before someone come in kitchen
Ani: ya omi ur right we should clean come we will clean
They all take mop and start cleaning
Ani: billu clean properly
Shiv: ok an… what u said to me

Ani: billu
Shivay gets angry and touch anika through mop and said
Ani: billu she gets angry ??? she also did same
They start playing
Ishkara see this & shout at once
Ishkara: Guy’s stop
Shivika:(They realise what they r doing and said)

Rudra said to soumya
Rudy: u r looking so cute with this mop
Somo: thank u u also
Rudy start making posses with mop(kissing mop and so many posses)
They both laugh and start working again.

Om is about to fall coz of water when ishana hold her they share an eyelock
Shivika & rumya saw this and said: Ooooooooo ????
Ishkara came in sense
Shivika & rumya:(in naughty tone)love shove dushman bane dost(Enemies turned into friend)
At once they said
Ishkara: No never (and glare each other angrily ???)
And they start doing there work again

They all clean kitchen & take relax.

Thanks for reading guy’s I know it’s not long but it’s long for me i don’t know when i’ll post next one try to post tomorrow
By……. guy’s I m very tired take care

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