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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 17

Hii guy’s sorry for confusing episode let’s start:

Recap: Shivika moment


Shivaye came outside and start thinking about there moment and smile
Omru is passing from there they saw shivaye smile om said
Om: what happened to him y he is smiling like mad
They went near shivaye and said what happened y ur smiling alone say us we will also smile
No response
Rudra in her ears loudly: Shi…..va…ye….. bha…iyya
He came into sense and said
Shiv: Rudra I can listen y r u shouting & when u both came here
Rudy: bhaiyya we r here from 15 minutes but ur lost somewhere dreaming about whom
Shiv: no one
Om: I know he is thinking about(Rudy understand)
Omru: anika
Shiv: shut up guys it’s nothing like that
He went they laugh

@anishya room
Anika is lying on bed and smiling
Ishana enter
Isha: di what happened to y r u smiling
Anika get up and said
Ani: nothing ishu I m just…….
Ishu: thinking about ur moment with shivaye bhaiyya (teasing tone)
Ani: nothing like that and ya how u get to know about that
Ishu: friends gang zinda baad
Ani: whom can say leave I have some work I m going
She went Ishana smile

Anika came outside and shivaye also standing there they look at each and smile
Shivaye went in kitchen Ishana came out and saw anika standing and staring shivaye
Ishana went in kitchen and drink water
omkara also come there and saw Ishana there
Om to shivaye: what is she doing here(pointing toward Ishana)
Shiv: I d…..
Ishana is drinking water
Isha: y u can’t see I m drinking water u have any problem
Om: no i don’t have
Ishana going out and om is standing in entrance she have glass of water before going She put water on om and she went out
Om in angry tone: u tissue I have u he went shivaye laugh
Anika came inside the kitchen she is laughing she saw ishkara fight from far
Shivaye is going outside and anika is coming inside coz of that water which Ishana throw on om anika is about to fall shivaye hold her waist she close her eyes coz of fear she fall on floor she slowly open her eyes and they share an eye eyelock
Ishkara and rumya saw that and cupped there mouth

Precap: Shivika friendly talk Ishkara shayari fight Rumya moment and their cute fight

Thanks for reading this and actually I m very unromantic so I don’t know properly anything about romance so sorry for boring romance
By….take care
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di 😊😊😊

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