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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 16

Hii guy’s aliya here u all guy’s missing me 😜😜(just kidding) actually yesterday she is went to my granny house and today she gone to birthday party her dance class students birthday is there so gone there so I m writing and u know hat luck di have on 1st November ranyotsava day and her teachers said that participate in drama she said my hand is fractured (excuse she don’t want to participate) mam said dear ayesha in drama one girl should be hand fractured di get shock and didn’t gone collage today 😂😂😂 we both sister is to much bak bak let’s start:

Recap: ishkara fight friends gang moment.


Friends gang is hugging some people enter and said without us u all r hugging not fair
Friends gang break the hug and turn they r
They all get happy
Shama: u all r here how
Akshaka: y we can come
Tula: oh ho she mean u all r busy na so
Jazz: ok where is other…..(shaza intrupted)
Shaza: pinkyy nandini &….(priya intrupted)
Pri: sadia & anushap [they both also supports me so much] akshaka: we said then that we r going to meet friends gang they said they come next week
Shama: guy’s go and thake rest
Aarion(ann): no we want to meet shivika rumya & ishkara
Shaziya: not ishkara
Everyone: Ishana and omkara
They all laugh

@Shivaye room
Shivaye talking on phone
Shivaye: ok ya I’ll call him and ask
He turn and anika is standing
He gave her what r u doing here look
Anika gave y I can’t come here look
He cut the call
Shiv: u want anything
Ani: aaah aah nothing
She is about to go
Shiv: where r u going I want to talk to u
Anika(In excitement): ya say
Shiv: sit
She sit
Shiv: how r u
Ani:(slowly) faltu[waste] question (loudly) how I m looking fine na
Shiv: u r looking fine and ya it’s not faltu[waste] question I m just asking u r fine or not
Ani: ok anything else
Shiv: no
Ani: so I m going
They both stand
Anika is about to go he pull her she fall on her chest her hair is flying he tuck her hair behind her ear
Oh jaana plays in the background

Friends gang is peeping into there room
Priza: (they start singing song from ramleela) ang laga de re mohe rang laga de ra mai toh tere joganiya hu jog laga de re
Shasi: shut up u both
Ann(cuteprincess): di’s they r singing correct song it’s match the situation
Sannzz(satvika+ann(aarion)+jazz): start singing guy’s let’s start
Priza Sannzz: they all start singing song
Shasi: look at eat each other and said mad

Shivika lost in each other’s eyes
Pinkyy come inside friends gang hide
Pinkyy saw them and said
Pink: oh my mata what is going on here
Friends gang come inside
Friends gang: Romance and they laugh
Shiv: mom u have any work
Pink: aah i forget y I came here
She leave friend’s gang is laughing
Shiv: i have some work
Ani: ya I also have
They both went
They all laugh then aarion said
Ann (aarion): guy’s on Monday
Sham: what is special on Monday
Everyone: don’t know
Tul: let’s go
Everyone: hmmm
They all leave smirking aan (aarion) get sad

Precap: Don’t know not yet decided 😶😛😑

Thanks for reading Guy’s it’s written by di only I just copied comment below sorry if it’s is boring and thanks for supporting in my boring ff [said by di I m not saying this] By…..take care
Ur Ayeshu & aliya(aloo)

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