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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 14

Hii guy’s ayesha here with next episode & ya I want that ishkara meet but my readers want to reveal truth so I m revealing truth so in this episode I’ll reveal the past first then ishkara I know previous one is boring but I’ll try that this will not boring lets start:

Om already came home but he didn’t meet ishana till now but he meet aniya and other family members
Shivaye & om is in room
Shiv: om anika ask me about that
Om: about what
Shiv: what happend before 4 years
Om: oh what u said
Shiv: I said I forget
Om: Good [her phone ring] ok I’ll come he went
Shivaye went near window and sit there he think about what happend before 4 years



It is Naitik & akshara’s wedding anniversary anishya is doing there marriage again so all r going temple pinky said where is vermilion anika is already inside shivaye to pinky
Shiv: ma wait I’ll bring
Pinky: hmm ok go & bring come fast
Shivaye went inside he take vermilion and going down anika came outside she is wearing white lehenga with thick golden border shivaye is mesmerized she is standing down he is coming down suddenly he collide with servant vermilion plate from shivaye’s hand and there anika was also standing downstairs so whole vermilion fall on anika filling her hairline and spoiling her dress…..shivaye was about to scold that servant said sorry and went anika is shocked and sees up and found that person was known another then shivaye
Anika (angry tone): billu this is my favorite dress
Shivaye came down
Just then ishana & om enter that shock to see anika like is
Om: anika what is this
Ani: it’s coz of billu
Isha (shockingly): anika di
Ani: what happend y ur so shock
Ishana pull her in the room shivom also follow them they want near miror
When they saw in miror they r shock
Shivika is shock
Shiv: what the wack
Isha: u both r married now
Shivika: what
Om: ya coz u fill her hairline
Shiv: anika I m so..sor…ry I m so sorry
Ani: ur saying sorry but what does it means now?? U married with me
Shiv: it’s….okay….you only say always that we will marry once we grow up….so we love like friends….and we will never interfear in each other’s personal matters….we will live like free birds and…..
Ishana interrupts
Isha: but bhaiyya
Shiv: see anika & ishkara now we will forget this matter and we should hide this from our parents and especially from rumya coz they can reveal it
Anika & ishkara: hmmmm ok

*Flashback End*
Om came back & said
Om: where r u
Shiv: in home
Om: I know that leave that I want to see chudail
Shiv: r u gone mad u want to see chudail
Om: ya ooh I want to see ur chudail sister I didn’t meet her
Shiv: ooh and ya she is not chudail she is my cute sist…
From hall voice came
Voice: my dear friends where r u
Everyone came down shivomru & aniya is happy to see that person
Ani: tulasi, ann & jazz (cuteprincess)
They all hug them shaziya came down
Shaziya: tanzz(tulasi+ann+jazz) u r here we call u you said ur busy now how u came
Tanzz: we finish our work & we came
Shaziya: hmm ok
Ishana enter
She didn’t saw om she hug tanzz and she turn & saw om ishkara at once
Ishkara(angrily): u

Precap: ishkara fight shivika rumya and friends gang enjoy there fight

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