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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 13

Hii guy’s this is aliya I know I m not too good writer but coz of di actually today she went classes dance classes, parlour & take tution to and now she having headache & her hand also paining she is taking rest & my mom is scolding her u can also scold 😉😉😉 now let’s start:

They came down 2 boys came
One is wearing 3 set suit & other one is wearing white shirt & red jacket(I know u all r shock that r 3 and only two read read u get to know)


Pinky: They came but y one 2 where is other one
Janvi: but who 2 r they
They 2 enter
Pinky: Shivaye
Janvi: rudra

(They r shivaye & rudra but where is omkara read)
Anika get nervous they take aashirvad from everyone
Shivaye & rudra went near anishya shivaye hug ishana then soumya rudra did same he also hug them
Shivaye went near anika & hug her tightly she get happy & shock
Shiv: how r u anika I miss u again he hug her
Janvi ask
Janvi: where is om
Ishana make faces happily she ask
Isha: wow it means he didn’t came wow
Shiv: sorry but he came
She get sad then shaziya and standing angrily
They cough

Shaza: we r also here
Pri: ya we r also here u didn’t see us
Shama: this is not fair
Shiv: oops I didn’t saw u
They glare at her angrily
Rudy: u 3 will eat bhaiyya ha
Shaziya: ya
Shivaaye laugh
He hug shaziya rudra also hug them

Priya: where is om
Shaza: ya ya ishu di is waiting for her from so many years
Shama: ya shaza is right
Shivru get shock
Rudy: really somebody pinch me I can’t believe what I listen
Isha: shut up yar they r just teasing me
Janvi: now say where is om

Rudy: he have some work
Janvi: today only he came & he have work
Anika went near shivaye & ask u remember something
Shiv: what I can’t remember anything
Ani: before 4 years
Shiv: what happend I can’t remember anything
Anika get happy & she went & said to ishu that
Ani: ishu ur right he can’t remember about anything
Ishu: i said u na di u simply taking tension

Shiv: ok now we both want to take rest
Rudy: ya I m also very tired but where is this o
Shiv: ya where is he leave we will go he will come
Janvi: ya u go & take rest
Shivru went anika is happy

Precap: Ishkara meet there fight shivika & rumya sweet talk some more friends will enter friends gang moment Revealation of past

Thanks for reading & ya it’s written by di only I m just copying before u appreciate me I m saying & sorry for less frienships moment.
Love u guys
Ur ayesha 😊😊😙😙

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