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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 12

Hii guy’s guess who am guess ayesha or aliya……. leave I will only say ayesha guy’s miss me I don’t think coz aliya is writing behalf of me then how will I miss(just kidding) I miss u guy’s so much now only I get up before half hour & ya I m ok not totally fine actually I can’t work with left hand properly I m much lefty & less righty & thanks praying for me & I want to say every ff writer like shama di,akshaya,tulasi di,aarion,sat,goms,
Luna & gangu I read everyone’s ff but I m busy so I didn’t comment in ur ff but ur ff’s r superb I did so much bak bak let’s start:

Recap: Bro’s & sisters moment anika is tensed.


Next day
Anishya is in there room getting ready coz shivomru is coming back anika is tensed sahil is also with (sahil is adopted by naksh) sahil saw anika tensed
Sahil: didi y r u so tensed u should be happy ur bf (best friend) is coming back
Anika smile
Ani: I m happy sahil y r u saying that I m not tensed
Sahil: han han I can see (he make faces)
Ani: so see who is stopping u ok say I m looking pataka na
Sishya: yes didi
Anika smile and said: Thanks
Isha: how am I looking jakkas na
Sahiya: ya di if omi bhaiyya see u then he can’t take her eye’s from u
They 3 laugh ishana give them angry look
Isha: stop it guy’s I don’t like him just them 2 girls enter they r shaziya (shama+shaza+priya)
Sha: y u all r laughing
Sah: arey shama didi we r teasing ishu di
Priza: oooooh who is that lucky man ishu di u didn’t say us (they pout)
Ishu: no one yar
Ani: he is ooo……..
Pri: omi right he is so hadsome na from childhood
(They all r childhood friend when shiomru came in holidays they became friend’s)
Shaziya: ooooooho ishu di
They all dancing around ishana
Isha: shut up guy’s
She went out they all laugh
Pri: really om she love him
Shama: duffer they all r just kidding
Priya make sad face
Sha: di don’t say her duffer (pout)
Ani: ok ok u three r here where is other group members
Shama: we call them they said they r busy
Somo: hmmm ok let’s go
Tensed anika: ha ok

They sit in car because they r going oberio mansion shaziya in one car anishyahil in other car
They reach shaziya get happy they get down anika is tensed they went inside they do Namaste & they take aashirvad from elders
Anika is drinking water by mistakely it’s fall on anika dress she went in shankyy’s room washroom sometimes later anika came out ishana enter anika is sitting tensely
Isha: di I know u r nervous don’t be nervous
Ani: no how can u say if its happend with u na then u get to know
Isha: di I can understand i think it’s 4 years he forget that u should also forget that
Ani: if he didn’t forget that then what will I do
Isha: di u just calm down he is coming back
Ani: I know he is coming back so only I m very nervous ishu
Isha: just relax if someone will see u like this then….
Ani: then
Isha: then they get doubt that something is going in ur mind
Ani: ok but what to do my heart is saying he forget that but my mind is not accepting that I m so much tensed that if he remember that then how will I face him
Isha: di u just relax calm down drink water(she offer her water)
Ani drink water & said
Ani: I think u r right he forget that ya he forget that
Isha: this my good di
(They hug each other)
Soumya came & said
Soumya: they came di
Anika again gets nervous & ishana hold her hand tightly anika smile they went out

Precap: Our heroes entry Shivika come face to face Ishkara meet Rumya hug some friends came revelation of past(y anika is nervous)

Thanks for reading & sorry I didn’t add whole friend gang actually I can’t handle everyone in next episode some more will come & I m ok guys thanks for ur prayers
Love u guy’s ❤💖💋
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di 😊😊😙😙

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