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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 11

Hii guy’s I m back (aliya) sorry for late update actually di is in I.C.U so I very sad & busy too so I can’t write let’s start:

One girl is shown she is wearing one bracelet (which given by shivaye)(of course its anika)another girl came to her & said
Girl 2: Anika di ishu di is calling u
Anika: ya I m coming somo
Somo: ishu di is very angry
Anika: oops! How can i forget that today we want do dance rehearsal I m gone today ???
She went out


In some room one girl is dancing she is wearing anklets
She is dancing angrily Anika come
She stop & glare at Anika angrily her face is not clear
Girl: wow u came I m waiting for u from 2 hours ???
Ani: sorry ishu I m late
Isha: ooh u r late no ur too late
Ani: cholly sorrry my cute pie cholly(she said like small baby)
They both laugh together
Isha: di u always do like this I don’t have right to be angry on u for 1 hour(make a puppy face ??)
Anika smile & they hug each other soumya came
Somo: di u two r hugging without me this is not right (make a puppy face ??)
Anisha: how can we forget u come they three hug each other
*Sisters moment *

@ other side
One boy is shown her eyes r shown *kanji aakh* another boy came her her face is not clear
Boy 2: Shivaye I have one news for u I mean for we three
Shiv: what is the news it’s good or bad om
Om: it’s good.
Shiv: say me what is the news

Akshara call them they want down everyone is happy oberio is also r there
Ani: what happen y u all r so happy
Isha: ya what happend
Naitik: coz they r coming back

Shiv: what we r going back I m so happy
He hug om and rudra come he also join the hug & they said the news to rudra & he also get happy
*Bro’s moment*

Anisha: what they r coming back
Anika get tensed & nervous & ishana hold her hand tightly she saw at ishana and smile

Precap: Anisha talk .

Thanks for reading and sorry for late and short update actually I m tensed for di so I just written guy’s it’s boring?? & ya sorry actually i know there is no friends gang actually I don’t know about that when di will get fine she will add u guys

Ur aliya ???

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