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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love (after leap intro & surprise for readers).

Hii guy’s I m back with new intro guy’s in this I’ve surprise for my readers read & comment guy’s:

Shivaye Singh oberio:
He is king He is arrogant rude & he think he is very lucky coz he born in royal family he love he’s family especially her brothers(u all know that) actual he is SSO (stone singh oberio) but when he see anika(her bestfrnd) he is SSO (sweet singh oberio) he love her sister’s(ishya) & share everything with anisha & Omkara not with Rumya coz they will say to everyone he love sahil like her brother.


Anika Singhania:
She is Sweet & bubbly girl she love dancing like ishana she love cooking bestfrnd of Shivaye & sister of Omru Share good bond with omkara she share everything with Ishkara love her brother sahil.

Omkara Singh oberio:
He is second king but don’t like to be in royal family he want simple life he is shayar and painter love paintings & shayari he sing songs too Enemy of ishana hate her they fight like earlier only love her sister aniya very much & shivru & sahil.

Ishana Singhania:
She is cute & beautiful love her life help everyone she is also like om she love simple life more than royal life dancer & singer love her sister’s Aniya & brothers Shivru & sahil hate omkara fight like earlier only but she like omkara but she didn’t accept that she like omkara aniya & sahil tease her.

Rudra Singh oberio:
He is flirty flirt with every girl but best frnd of soumya have secret crush on her everyone know that but soumya don’t know that love her sisters & brothers share everything with anisha & shivom.

Soumya Singhania:
She is cute girl she is bestfrnd of Rudra love her sisters & brothers like rudra but hide from everyone but Anisha & Shivom know that she is love Angel but hide from everyone but Anisha know that shivom don’t know that.

Sahil singhania:
(Don’t be shock guys I know u all think before leap he is not threre but now read this u get to know) he is cute boy love her sisters & love Shivomru too like her own brothers tease ishana that she like om & she get angry everytime he is tease anika & soumya too.

Leaving them everyone is same Tejanvi, Shaky, naksh & priyanka.

Surprise for my readers(remember or forget)
(They r friends of Anishya & shivomru & love Cupids they will realise shivika, Ishkara & rumya that they love each other Shama,Tulasi,Priya, Shaza,Satvika(Sat),Ann (cuteprincess),Akshaya,jazz,Arion,pinkyy,nandini.

(Guy’s sorry whom I didn’t add actually I can’t handle so many people so I didn’t add much people I only add those who support me from my 1st episode sorry who I didn’t add sorry guy’s don’t get angry whom I didn’t add sorry 😟😟😟)

Read & comment guy’s & once again sorry whom I didn’t add
Luv u guy’s
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di 😊😊😙😙

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