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Ishqbaaz – The oberoi brothers (Episode 1)

Hi guys,this is Ruchitha . I am a fan of Ishqbaaz and wanted to write a fan fiction from many days and now I am starting this fan fiction. Hope you guys like it as this is my 1st episode please say your reviews how the episode was . this episode continues from yesterday’s episode of Ishqbaaz.

Anika will be catching a plate with all rose petals and thinking about shivaay she walks hurrily and oppsite to her shivaay walks hurrily catching his mobile looks like doing somework but he also thinking about anika,,,they walk hurrily without seeing up and this hurry when the meet each other they dash with other,,,and all plate in anika’s hand will fall down ,,,,,,,,,,shivaay catches anika with shivay’s one hand catches anika and the other will gradually holding her stomach from back and then ,,,O jaana plays and rose petals will fall on them ,,,,,,,,, then slowly shivaay holds anika makes her stand and she was very close to him and EYELOCK,,,,,,, then anika releases her hand from him and walks away ,shivaay will be in the same position where anika left him ,,,,,,,,and shivaay’s feels his heart was totally weighed ,,,,,,then tia reaches there


TIa : Shivaay baby ,,what happened? [ shivaay baby , kya hua ]Shivaay : nothing, and he leaves from there,,,,
Scene shifts :It will be in hall ,, with Anika dadi om rudra
Dadi : Anika , be here na,its late now how will u go this night. [ anika,rukh jao na , itna raat akele kaise ja sakhti ho tum?]Anika: No dadi, Sahil is in home alone , I have to go [ nahi dadi,ghar mein sahil ekele he ,,mujhko jana hai]

Mean while shivaay reaches there and hears it and sayss
Shivvay : Then I will drop you , come on [ tho main chodta huin tujhko,,]Anika : No, , I can go. ANd we Low status people are practised to it,,we can go alone anywhere , anytime . [ nahi , Mein ja sakti huin,,ham low status wale loghko yeh mamul baath hein, hum kahibhi kis time pe bhi akele jaa sakte hein ]

And within fraction of seconds she leaves oberio mansion,,and shivaay eyes will be controlling some tears so shivaay rushes to his room and then There will be a sound of clock,,,,TIng,,,shivaa sees time it’s 12’o clock now,,,,,,,, he doesn’t know but his heart starts worrying about anika ,, he talks to himself
SHivaay to himself : yeh anika went home in this time that too alone,,,why my heart is saying that she is unsafe,, Y am I feeling worried this much,,,, Anyhow after all she is my employee and I have to look for her ,,and he takes CAr keys and just stepping out of oberoi mansion door,,,Omru will be there
Om: where are you going shivaay?

RU: ha bhayya,, We will also come with you
shivaay : its 12 now and anika went home alone,she is our employee and I am look for her
they get into car
Scene : IN car ,they are going on roads….
Shivaay looks very tensed and worry and he will be looking here and there
OM: Shivaay , why you are tensed and worried this much?
Shivaay:yeah I have told you our employee anika maybe unsafe ……

Om: BUt You didnt show this concern to any of our employees then y now, she is after all a employee?
Shivaay suddenly stops his car lokking infront towards road
Om thinks his question is working but rudra notices a tear falls from shivaays eye
OMru sees on road there is girl met with an accident she fell on road its bleeding too much,,,yes its ANika,.,,,,,,,,,

NEXT EPISODE : In hospital : ,,shivaay cries and shouts MY ANIKAAAA,,,,,,,,,,

Please gyus say me ,,as I dont know hindi ,,I have tried my level best to type in hindi,,,,,,,,,and is the episode boring,,shall I continue or not ? please say me,,,,,,

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