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Ishqbaaz #It started with dare – Introduction

Hi buddies yesterday night this idea comes in mind and finally after so much thinking I decide to write it… Below I am posting concept and few conditions… Will continue if get positive response…



After cursing Ishana and Somya for idiotic dare Anika reached at the table and directly tap on the shoulder of the boy whom she have to kiss as a part of dare… And the moment he looks at her with confusion visible on his face but instead of uttering any word she lost in his deep brown orbs but somehow she managed to control herself and come out of trance and Speak

Anima: I need to kiss you on lips.(In one breathe)

And next moment that boy pilled his drink in utter shock…

May be I’ll complete it in 3s or 5s do not know exactly and here Anika, Ishana and Somya are best friends.

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra are brothera as usual and here ther is no connection between Somya and Oberoi brothers i.e. Somya is not known to any one.

So friends liked this concept or not???? Waiting for all your response…

And yeah I tried to complete typing of next part but I could not and I’ll complete it soon and post it…

BDW Happy Chotti Diwali to everyone… ☺☺☺☺

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