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Ishqbaaz FF by G -Epi 8

Hey this is Goms.. Back with epi 8…Thanks for the encouragement..those words make me to write more and more.. And I should thank you all once again and am saying this from my bottom of heart.. Love you people.. Love you lot.. Loads and loads of love.. Hope you all will enjoy this..

Let’s start..


Rudy, sumo, aju scream.. On ishana rescued them (shiv, tia, ani, mallika, siddu, aju) tia hugged & kissed shivaay… Shivaay looks at anika..

Present epi-8

Shivaay loses balance & fell over Anika… They both on bed now.. Shivaay lips locked Anika’s lips..
Shivaay -Anika’s eyes widened in shock.. They share an eye lock.. Music… Oh Jana.. Plays..
Shivaay is now all over Anika..
Anika lost in shivaay eyes.. Anika feels shivaay warmth all over her body
Shivaay searches himself in Anika’s eyes.. Anika’s perfume smell drives him crazy.. Shivaay felt her soft lips and warmth of her body..
They’re very close to each other.. They both can count their breaths.. Shivaay holds anika’s head.. Moved forward and kissed her.. Anika closed her eyes hugged shivaay tightly and supported him.. They both share an passionate kiss..?

Silence filled the space in room..

Rudy,sumo, aju was confused as they can’t hear any sound from “shivaay-Anika-Tia’s room”

Aju, Rudy why there is lot of silence.?
Does anything happened to them.? Does they became unconscious like tia, mallika, siddarth.?
If anything happened to my brother shivaay.. I won’t leave you two.. Mainly this Aju..
Why me.?
Because this house belongs to you..
Rudy nothing will happen to them.. Till am here nothing can hurt ani darling..!
Kyaa.?! What about my brother.?
Guys don’t fight..

Sumo, Aju, Rudy shouts:
Anika di, Ani darling, shiv bhaiya is everything okey there.?? Are you alright.?!!.. Say something we can’t hear you..

Shivika came to their sense hearing (rudy+sumo+aju loud voice and shouting)..
They separate.. Shivaay stands & steps aback from anika wiping his mouth realizing what he has done..! That to in front of his fiancé Tia..

Anika opened her eyes & sits wiping her mouth thinking “what happen to me.? How can I kiss him.? Am his SSOO.. marriage organizer.. Am not the one he is going to marry..! ”

Sumo+Aju+Rudy shouts again.. But shivika didn’t utter a word.. Shivaay took his phone called OM to help them.. That they got stuck in RANA’s guests house..

Scene shifted to OM’s art studio..
Om hugging ishana.. Om’s phone ?rings.. Ishana frees her hug and try to move from him.. But Om holds her more tightly saying that he can attend the phone while hugging her also..
Ishana smiled and hugged him.
Om saw his phone “it’s shivaay”
Hello shivaay..
Kab.? Address.?
Okay.. Am coming.. Don’t worry..

What happened Om ji.?
Why are you so tensed.?

Isha.. Shivaay, rudy, anika, soumya,tia, mallika, aju, siddarth stuck in rana’s guests house.. They need our help.. I’ll tell you everything in car.. Come..
Om tells everything to ishana what shivaay said to him.. They rushed to the place and helped them..
Om opened shivika, tia room.. Anika+ishana hold tia and bring her to the hall.. Then om shivaay opened rudy, sumo, aju’s too…
Om, shiv bhaiya I know you people will rescue me… I love you so much.. They hugged each other..
Om isha shiv anika rudy sumo aju gathered in the hall where tia is lying unconscious in the sofa mummering “shivaay baby.. Purple painting.. ”

Om+shiv :
Where is siddarth and mallika.?
Rudy sumo aju pointed at the room..
Om shiv rescued and bring them in hall..
Tia continually mumers “shivaay baby.. Purple painting ”

Om ishana asked shivaay what’s this.?

Don’t ask me om..
Ask them.. These 4 are the reason.. Shivaay pointing at rudy, anika, sumo, aju..

All 4 stammers..

OK.. Whoever done this.. Leave it.. Now make them conscious.. We can discuss this matter at home..

Om asked isha to bring water bottle which is in car..
Ishana nodded her head and went to bring water bottle..

Wait I have something..
Aju brings cool drinks, snacks.

Rudy widened his eyes smiles seeing cool drinks and snack..
Wow.. How you know that I’ll be hungry..when you buy this and where did you kept this.?

No rudy..I bought this for Ani darling and soumi.. when we made plan to kidnap bhaiya-bhabi-tia.. I thought sumo, ani darling will get tired and huger while kidnapping .. So I bought this and kept it in kitchen..

Shivaay looks at Anika.. Rudy face saddened.. Thinking “why this jerk always cares about my sumo.. Why I didn’t get that idea”


Rudy, sumo, aju stammers again…”no bhaiya not kidnapping.. He said mistakenly.. ”

Shivaay: (angrily)
Fhat the wuck..!?! What’s happening here.? Cool drinks, snacks.. Do you people came for picnic..!

Ishana throws water droplets on tia, siddarth, mallika.. But they doesn’t respond..

Isha bhabi.. These droplets will not make them conscious as my fruit punch is strong..
This water is not enough wait.. I’ll be back.. Aju come with me..
Aju rudy brings 3 bucket full of water and pours on tia, mallika, siddarth..
All three came to sense.. And drenched fully…
Tia :
What’s this.?
Siddarth wipes his face holds mallika’s hand.. Mallika and siddu share an eye lock.

Tia straightly went to shivaay and hugs him saying sorry shivaay baby.. Hereafter I won’t hurt you..
Shivaay doesn’t reciprocate.. Shivaay – anika looks at each other reminiscing their moment..

Shivika, ishkara, rumya, aju, Tia, mallika, enters oberoi mansion.. Pinky, janvi, priyanka, cups their mouth in shock seeing tia, mallika fully drenched.. Pink in shock “o my mata..whats happens to my future daughter in laws..” dadi says “arrey bhaavan.. Again rain started in Oberoi mansion..”
????(ishqbaazi turns into paanibaazi in oberoi mansion)

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

Please do feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments Negative comments are also welcomed..

Guys sorry this ff will be bit short not as long as my previous episodes.. because am helping my juniors in their project works.. That’s why am unable to post regularly.. So I thought to post weekly twice or thrice as per your wish.. (Without posting long episodes for a week is better than posting it short and regularly…rite.?)

Guys suggests me which day (monday-sunday) should I post my next part..

And I read all ff in ishqbaaz page.. I should say you people are doing great job.. Keep going.. Sorry for not commenting as am bit busy.. Hereafter I’ll try my best to comment in all ishqbaaz ff..

If you people wish you can follow me in instagram also..
Hope you all will like this FF…keep supporting sweeties..
Love you all..
One for All.. All for One..!!
Dilbole Oberoi..!
Stay blessed..

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