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Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 14

A gasp escaped her lips as he touched the parting of her hair with her trembling hands.
“This could not be happening”, she thought.
It had to be some kind of dream.
Anika felt her heart leap inside my chest insanely.
It might have only been a few moment but for that moment, she didn’t care.
She was happy, overjoyed even but the truth remained the truth.
Her eyes look for his to find any sign of a hoax but there was none.
His face confirmed the horrifying fact as an unconscious process forced her to shut down, let her mind go blank.

He lifted her chin with his blood stained hand to look in her eyes.
In that moment she wasn’t just beautiful, no the mere sight of her took his breath away.
“Don’t! Don’t touch me!” She glared at me as the corner of her eyes started to well up.
He inched forward to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear but she pushed him away.
“Shivaay”, Anika said through my clenched teeth.
Her blood streaked hair parting burned as she touched it, she pointed her finger towards him.
She looked at her finger and then at him, her mouth opened and then closed again as she still couldn’t come to terms with his actions.
That made Shivaay look at her lips, the same desirable lips; which he have tasted so many times.


“You shouldn’t have done that, Shivaay” she said her voice cracking as she trembled looked at him.
“Mr Shivaay Singh Oberio, What do you think of yourself?!”

Her face was eye-catching, her long dark brows above gorgeous eyes that were filled with so many secrets and he was willing to uncover every one of them.

“Just because your family owns a big company, that doesn’t mean you can make and do with me; as you please.”
“Anika”, Shivaay asked raising his eyebrow cutting her off from her firing words session, never in his life has one girl confuse him so much like she did.
“I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I can’t go through with this sham of a wedding, I don’t love Tia and you know this, Anika.”

“Please try to understand that I’m doing this for the both of us.”Shivaay said as his voice faded away.
Shivaay all of a sudden, took her hand that she was pointing at him and pulled her to him.

Although he had the back of his brothers he wasn’t prepared for the humiliation that they were going to endure.
He could have possibly wrecked their lives with his rouge actions.
“I’m going away and I’m not sure if I ever planning on coming back. Don’t try to find me and please don’t hate me”

“There is things you don’t know about me…….”Anika stopped mid-sentence as she saw someone from the corner of her eye.
Anika wiggled herself out of his arms and run away in the dark.

“Anika!” he yelled loudly and she stopped for a second.
She moved so sensuously that he couldn’t help but stare, each step she took Shivaay was plagued with memories, memories that caused his heart to long for her.
He had to place his hands in his pockets to stop himself from touching for her again.
She was broken as she knew that they could never be together,
She only stopped when she reached tree by the entrance gate, to say that she was dejected was an understatement.
Devastated was more like it.
Anika’s felt like her heart ached for him but how could she when she knew in her heart that this wasn’t how it should be.

Flash Back……
After Anika helped Shivaay with the defamation case against his father and uncle, Anika got an unexpected visit from Tej.
“Looks like someone doesn’t have choice”, he whispered in her ear. She stared at him.
He stood there smiling with an arrogant look that she has never seen since she worked there.
“You really are a ruthless person. You… You are an animal!” she said while making gestures with her hands in the air out of frustration.
Anika rubbed beneath her temples as a throbbing headache was developing after her visit from Tej.
Flash back ends………

Shivaay fell back as he slumped against the wall in defeat.
“I knew that I should have gone with Rudra’s filmy plan” he said as his entire body tensed he clenched his fists.
How is he going to be strong and not show the he pain he felt.
His eyes told a story of their love and there was no way to hide that story. How could Anika do this to him?
Rudra and Om who watched the whole incident unfold came running over to Shivaay.
Shivaay closed his eyes and inhaled filling his lungs with air but that pain he felt as he inhaled sobered him.

“Shivaay, what happened?” Rudra asked waiting for him to speak.
He walked hurriedly towards the house not even listening to their voices calling his name.

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