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Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 37

Hi all..
I am extremely sorry dears .. it has been a week I guess and I haven’t been posted a part.. actually I had my competitive exams and my phone.. arrgh!!! My file got deleted three times two tyms full document and third time half document vanished I do no where..😭😭😭😭so this part is only a four page document actually wrote two parts but all gone so next time will be back with a lengthy one…
For those who have missed my ff at prev parts.. a short summary..
Remember that tej video gets leaked.. shivaaye assumes it to be anika but it was Gayathri..
From there my imagination starts..

Anika rejoins job and finds out it was tia who gave the chip to Gayathri and shows the cctv video to om.. when anika and om reach the mansion to tell about Tia .. tia had already brought a drama of her fake mother’s heart attack and plans to marry Shivaaye..
Shivaaye doesn’t even believe his Brother and sits in mandap.. anika sits in mandap covering her face in gunghat and gets married to shivaaye. Shivaaye doesn’t accepts it.. he puts a one year contract and says she should leave from his life if anika prove tia wrong or one year whichever is earlier..
Dadi tells about seeing roop hugging tia at the wedding.. om learns ishana and Bela are same and also sees ishanas poor state he helps her and also forgives her still not knowing the reason..


Tia tries the most to defame anika but shivaaye saves her.. Ishkara and roumya decide to know about shivaaues feeling for anika.. by ishana pretending as ishaan in phone .. meanwhile anika and shivaaye prove that ridhima is roops daughter with help om first doubts ishana and now when truth is out he regrets it..
Now with the current part..
Om was just walking to and fro in tension…
He was dialling just one number ishana.. ishana..
But ishana was not answering..
Everytime ishana’s phone rings she would come near to pick her phone up.. and everytime she would.. take her hand back..
Her mind was not just letting her to..
Eyes were just shedding tears.. why why om?? Why?? Why are you not leaving me?? I am not as good as u are..plz chodo na mujhe..
Mein Teri layak nahi hoon..plz.. she cried covering her mouth and nose with both the hands..
On the other hand om was getting so determined that he should speak to ishu and get things settled between them .. so he rushes out of the mansion and takes his car…

At rudras room..
Rudra was busy doing push-ups.. he got up from the push-up and saw a leg it was a girls he smiled and lifted his head to saw the face.. his face lit up like a bright bulb seeing the face he got up and said arrey sumo!! Tm?? Yeha?? Hmm?? I knew .. that tum mere bina nahi rah sakthi?? And gives stylish look.. and turns to get his towel and wipe his sweat.. he wipes and turns and the girl pinches his cheek and said haaaw.. baby you are so sweet… Rudras face changes .. it was rumi not sumo!!
He was in utter shock he moved himself a little away from rumi and searches for sumo but she wasn’t there..
Rumi: kya huva .. kya doond rahi ho rudra baby??
Rudra adjusts himself and says .. vo..vo.. kuch nahi hai.. vo…
Rumi: I just came to meet you..
Hearing rumi saying that, rudras flirting avatar takes a better state of his mind and he starts flirting.. yeh.. vo.. bla..bla..

At shivaayes room ..
Shivaaye was trying to concentrate in his work.. but his heart wasn’t ready to.. it would always bring a flash of anika saying _ money cannot buy everything.. when will you understand it _ his mind tried to divert .. but his heart wasn’t giving up..
His mind was like wondering from where do u get such memory..
His mind said why do you care shivaaye .. whatever is her perception what’s in it for you..??
His heart smiled and said.. care?? Who?? Shivaaye cares for anika?? No.. no.. but shivaaye cares for himself.. how can anika think about me like that???
His mind then agreed ..haa. that’s right how can girl like anika speak ill about an oberoi??. His heart suddenly raised it’s voice what do you mean by a girl like anika?? She is good.. his mind unwillingly nods yes.. and somehow decides to talk to anika..

Here at ishana’s place ..
Somebody was knocking at the door as if he was hell urgent and knocked as if the door didn’t open the world would come to an end..
Ishana opened the door kyon hai and she was shocked to see om there..
Ishana immediately turned her face..
Om took a step forward and said.. I know .. I don’t have the right to see your face.. you did so much for me.. but I just.. I just.. I am sorry he said with a tear welled up eye..
Ishana who was standing facing the opposite side was silently shed tears this what she said to herself and now om was saying the same thing but in his perspective.. what a good soul..

She turned and saw him.. his eyes were so red.. and his eyes clearly read a guilt.. a guilt that only she could make it disappear..
She still shedding tears.. moved forward and gently wiped those tears that were flowing in om’s cheek and .. and saw him in his eyes.. which was desperately begging for a forgiveness.. and said..Om meine maaf kiya ..
Om wipes his tears and was so happy like a small kid and he extends his hand saying friends??
Ishana was about to give her hand just then something hard struck her are you with of his friendship??
The thought she wasn’t worth of.. came in form of tears and she withdrew her hand.. and she turns again..
Om sees it and says agli baar doubt nahi karungi ishu I promise..
Still shedding tears.. ishana’s pov: why are you not understanding .. I cannot see you as my friend bcoz.. I. I.. and wipes her tears and says to herself moreover I deserve you too..

That’s for today’s dears next one lengthy pucca promise..
Stay blessed all ..

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